Me Winky Super Chimp…

Back to Amicus after a weeks break for the 80th Celebrations. It was a strange evening which started very slowly. Firstly there were three leaders and only one member. Then a second member arrived and we started playing cards, then another turned up about 30 minutes later, and a fourth about 20 minutes after that. So the evening had an odd feeling to it.

We had planned to play Trivial Pursuit but decided against it due to someone present having a game allergy. So we spent the majority of the evening playing cards and chatting, oh, and eating sandwiches and cakes which had been kindly left to us by another group which uses the building. We spent some time talking about our names, middle names, strange names, what we might have been called if we’d been born the opposite gender, and about how carefully girls need to pick their husband (ensuring a suitable surname). Following on from that topic, why not find out what your name would be if you were born a monkey with the Monkey Name Generator. I’ll start you off with a few:

– Ricky Rew = Winky Super Chimp
– Nick Lingard = Iron Grub-eater
– Alex Bradley = Crazy Gorilla
– Tim Young = Fingers Van Howler
– Felicity Jones = Curious Bone Man
– Chris Buttenshaw = Iron Knuckle-dragger

I have started to put together the programme of events for the next three months, I just need to fill in the names of those who will be organising. I’ll update the programme and post it here in the next day or two (see the link on the right). Please take a look at it and let me know which activity you would like to organise – remember everyone needs to play a part. If you don’t volunteer to a particular activity, I will select one for you.

Following the Parade Service and Synergy events on Sunday 24th September I have received very positive feedback from various people/groups. People commented that the music was “fantastic” on Sunday morning, and “upbeat but reverent” and “very worshipful” – they particularly congratulated Matt for the drumming. Some of the young people who attended Synergy said that it was “the best one yet“! Tim Cutting from Bridgebuilder sent his congratulations to you all too for a “really enjoyable Synergy which hit all the right buttons“. So thank you and well done to everyone involved!!

Important information:
We’ve been invited to join the Newport Pagnell Amicus Group for a trip to Drayton Manor Park on Sunday 15th October. I don’t have the final cost yet, but as a guide last year we paid £10 each which covered the cost of transport and entrance to the park. You will need to bring a packed lunch, or buy something there. I need to confirm numbers to the NP Amicus Leaders by Monday next week – so if you are intending to join us please let me know by text or email before then. If you let me know after Monday you may be disappointed – depending on numbers for transport.

Next week: Painting with Steph


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