Wash those pots and pants!

This evening we dabbled in the world of the artist and had a go at some creative painting. We started with a free-for-all, where we could paint whatever we wanted. Then we played a game of “film pictionary” where team members had to paint a film and the rest of the team had to guess the title from the picture. We finished the painting session with an individual competition to determine who could paint the best Pooh (not what you’re thinking, honest!). There were four “independent” judges and they decided that Matt Chapman most deserved the prize. You’ll find pictures of our creations in the gallery. Thanks to Steph for organising an excellent evening – and to Tim for linking devotions in with the subject of creativity.

We finished the evening with a mammoth game of Unihoc – the first for a few months. Thankfully we haven’t lost the knack – or the passion!

Please pray for Laura Cope as she is currently in hospital with suspected gallstones (small, hard, pathological concretion, composed chiefly of cholesterol, calcium salts, and bile pigments, formed in the gallbladder or in a bile duct – NICE!). Get well soon Laura!

Those of you who are coming to Drayton Manor Park on Sunday, please meet at Lovat Hall, Newport Pagnell, at 9:10am on Sunday morning. We’ll be travelling to the park by minibus and cars. The cost is £20 and you’ll need to bring a packed lunch or money to by something. We’ll be back at Lovat Hall by 6pm, and The Hub begins at 7pm and ends at 9:30pm. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Next Week: Film Night


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