Double Whammy

Some of you spotted that I didn’t manage to update the website after Amicus last Wednesday. Sorry for any disappointment caused. It was a bit of a strange week and I had to take my day off in the middle of the week, so I travelled down to Andover straight after Amicus, and the 100-mile journey made updating the site pretty tricky. But it’s only about the fourth time I’ve failed to update it in about four years. Anyhoo – that means you get a special double edition tonight!

Two weeks ago we were disappointed by the attendance – with only two members attending, and three leaders. But we pressed on once Alex arrived and watched the latest Nooma in our collection: Bullhorn. We had some interesting discussions about the perception of Christians, and particularly those who try to scare people into believing the Good News; and we tackled some difficult questions too.

During the course of the evening, we had some excellent quotes to add to the collection:

“those who don’t believe won’t have a very nice afterlife” – Steph

[speaking about Alex] “how are *you* normal?!” – Steph

“Jesus has B.O.” – Alex

“Crusty old Christians” – Alex

Tonight it was Flic’s turn to organise again (so soon?!) and she had us making Pizza with a twist. She brought along two “special” ingredients – things that you wouldn’t normally associate with Pizza. The first was Kidney Beans, and the second was Kiwi Fruit. No-one was brave enough to use the beans, but the Kiwi Fruit was well used and absolutely delicious. Can’t wait to try it again. One group also had “cheese-stuffed crusts” – also delicious. Unfortunately Flic’s own Pizza crust somehow suffered from Elephantitis and the crust almost took over the entire oven – but it didn’t stop her munching her way through most of it with Alex’s help.

We didn’t have devotions tonight, as the person on the rota didn’t turn up (shock! horror!). Hope you’re Ok James – cos no-one has seen you for a while.

In fact, there are an increasing number of members who haven’t been around recently. Please hurry back – we miss you all!

Next Week: Music Practice for the Parade Service on Sunday 19th November – followed by Prayer Huddles, Matt leading devotions and then games.

Possible future activity: Will it Blend? check out the videos here – especially the ones labelled “do not try this at home” (although I don’t fancy doing the risk assessment for these!).


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