Tap-Dancing Jesus and a Bearded Lady…

This evening was a bit of a mix and match. We started by practicing the songs for the Parade Service on Sunday, we also tested out an activity for use in the service; then spent some time catching up with each others’ news, prayer concerns and things we are thankful for, before spending some time in prayer. Then once the Youth Hall had been vacated we tried out a manic game which we’ll be playing at The Hub on Sunday night, before finishing off with a gentle game of French Cricket.

Big news: James surfaced after about four weeks without being seen, and Nick L. was wearing snazzy new trainers. We attributed his excellent moves during French Cricket to the new footwear – then Ali and I had a weird theological conversation about whether he was “powered by the trainers or the Holy Spirit” and then decided that perhaps “Diadora” is Greek for Holy Spirit – sadly we’re wrong.

Quotes of the week:

“Last week at school we had Jesus tap-dancing…” – Steph Dungate

“That’s right, I’m really a bearded lady.” – Nick Lingard

On the way to Amicus, after seeing the compass in Nick’s car, Steph enquired about “who invented north” – and we had to admit that none of us had a clue. So I’ve done some research (partly because it links nicely with the theme of “direction” for the Parade Service on Sunday) and discovered the following which may be of interest:

The compass was developed in China more than seventeen hundred years ago, however the original inventor remains in dispute; legend has it was invented by emperor Huang Di.

North: Cardinal Direction
The word north is traced to the Old High German nord, and the Proto-Indo-European unit ner-, meaning “left” (or “under”). (Presumably a natural primitive description of its concept is “to the left of the rising sun”.)

Next week: My first essay deadline (Biblical Studies) – prayers appreciated. Due to a shift in the programme because of the Samba Band change, we don’t currently have anything set for next week. I’ll organise something suitably exciting – perhaps we can collaborate on writing my next essay.


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