Amicus Rules!

This evening was something of an oddity – even amongst Amicus activities. I had planned a theme for the evening, and tied it into devotions too, but we got off to a slow start with people arriving in dribs and drabs. Steph and Sarah were having a conversation about the morning episode of Friends where Ross challenges himself to write down all of the US States – and fails. We started trying to name all of the English counties – and managed to come up with 33 before consulting an Atlas and finding another five. There is some dispute about what actually constitutes a county these days – but it is believed that there are 46 (6 metropolitan and 40 non-metropolitan). Feel free to consult the Wikipedia entry for the full story.

keep this date free!Then, after a lot of requests from Sarah, and to the annoyance of James, we started on the US States. We successfully listed 43 states before we gave in to James’ moaning and stopped. For the record, we got 40 correct: New England, Washington D.C. and East Virginia aren’t states. The ones we missed were: Connecticut, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. The full list, and all the related useless information you could ever want about each of them is available online.

A couple more geography questions came out tonight and I said I’d look into them. The first was “how many countries are there?”. It seems the best answer is 193, with only one, Vatican City, choosing not to be a member of the United Nations.

Then related to the first, the next question was “how many languages are there?”. The best answer I can find is 6912, which is vastly above the 300-400 we guessed at tonight.

After the random geography lessons we played a game of Monopoly, which is always a challenge when you bring together various different “house rules”. So we decided to compromise on most rules, and play the official rules where there was any threat of violence, and we termed them “Amicus Rules”.

Quote of the night:

“What am I? Oh, I’m a dog.” – Yvonne Lingard

Next week: Play-doh modelling. [In my humble opinion, one of the classic Amicus activities.]


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