With This Rabbit, I Thee Wed…

This week we returned to a classic Amicus activity which always gets the creative juices flowing: Play-doh Modelling. That might conjour up images of Amicus members parading up and down a catwalk wearing clothes made of Play-doh, but I promise you that’s not that case. Petra was a star and made three batches of home-made play-doh and encouraged us to make models on one of two themes: Christmas, or the Rew-Cartwright Wedding. As you’ll see if you look in the gallery, the wedding won. There is also a new Caption Competition available – go for it…

keep this date free!Most of the organising for the wedding is now complete. Steph will be making the cake and sourcing flowers, Sarah is in charge of the buffet, Petra is taking the photographs and Tim will be organising the entertainment.

At the end of the evening, after scraping an inch of play-doh from our hands, we played table-tennis and had a round-the-table tournament. Sarah started off hating it and ended up playing quite well – a massive improvement. Nice one!

Please remember James and his extended family in your prayers – they’re having a particularly difficult time at the moment. Thank you…

Next week: TV Favourites – bring your favourite TV-based shows on DVD.


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