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Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas…

The Amicus Christmas Party was hampered slightly (no seasonal pun intended) by the lack of space, but in spite of that it was a success. We welcomed back those who had returned from Uni/School for Christmas, and some of the less regular Amicus attendees. Everyone brought a sweet or savoury dish and simply spent the evening catching up with each other. We ate, drank and were merry. Whoever brought the cheese wrapped in bacon is a genius!

We had an informal time of sharing news, celebrations, concerns, etc, and spent some time in prayer. Alex lead devotions and using a video clip challenged us to remember the real “reason for the season” and to remember and look forward to the Easter story too.

After washing up we ended with a massive game of French Cricket – and I’m not aware of any injuries this week – well done everyone! It was a great game with very little mocking (for a change) and everyone encouraging and building each other up.

Lost Property: someone left behind a dark green biscuit tin with a hinged lid, containing some iced biscuits. I confess I’ve sampled one of the biscuits (very tasty) – but the rest are in tact. If it is your tin please let me know. If I haven’t heard by 27th December I’ll eat the rest of the contents and keep the tin ;o)

Please pray for Alyssa Cope and her family. She has been unwell for some time and was today transferred to Oxford for tests. Pray that she will be comfortable this Christmas, and that the rest of the family would find some relief from the stress, and safe travel to/from Oxford.

As it’s Christmas, here are some random links to seasonal websites:

Winterbells – a game involving a jumping rabbit and bells:

White Christmas – a unique rendition of an old classic:

What is Christmas all about? – according to Charlie Brown:

Finally, if you’re a Flickr user (and I know some of you are), there are two special Christmas features available which you may not know about yet. When you’ve found a suitable photo, adding a note which reads “ho ho ho hat” will add a Christmas hat to the picture, and a note reading “ho ho ho beard” will add a white beard. Both the hat and the beard can be repositioned and sized for best effect. [ click the picture to see how it looks ]

Next Year: The next instalment of the now infamous Amicus Quiz will take place on Wednesday 3rd January.

Have a fantastic Christmas!
God bless…

Catch it with your bum cheeks…

Ah bless the Christmas infant!This week we were attempting some obstacle challenges – not easy when the only room available is the Multimedia room – but Nick B. did a good job of keeping us occupied and challenged. We crossed a river of lava, and managed (somehow) to get everyone over a high “electric” fence with very few injuries. The only problem came when Sarah jumped out of the way instead of catching her sister.

After the obstacles we had a quick demonstration of the Line Rider game I warned you about last week. Sorry to everyone who’s homework has been late or who has lost hours of sleep. I told you it was addictive.

We ended with an occasionally vicious game of French Cricket – a few injuries, but none serious. Also – big news – Alex nearly caught the ball at one stage!

Next week: we’re hoping to welcome back some of our University bods and we’re having a Christmas meal. Here are the instructions from Alex – if you have any questions let her know:

“basically just say that if everyone can bring some yummy foods, come with a game idea or two, can some people make sure they bring some savoury…we dont just want sweets and cakes….hehe”

In order to get you in the mood for Christmas, here’s something you thought you’d never see: me dancing!!

Finally, see if you can find the wish that I hung on the tree (hint: it’s a green one). There’s a prize for the first person to tell me what it says, word for word).

My Bing-a-ling…

Tonight we were watching out TV favourites – and as Sarah was organising and brought along the entire Friends catalogue, we watched an episode (‘the one with the baby shower’) followed by the blooper reel. Fantastic fun and lots of laughs. We followed it up by watching the Vicar of Dibley Christmas Special.

Thanks for the captions last week – the competition is still open so keep them coming in.

Two special treats for you this week. The first is possibly the best Baptism ever!!

The second is the biggest waste of time I’ve found on the Internet. Do not click the link below unless you have a serious amount of time to waste! The game is called Line Rider, and is very simple but highly addictive. It features a little guy wearing a scarf and sitting on a sled. You design a course for him to sled down, then set him off and watch him go. Doesn’t sound too exciting does it – believe me it is! Instructions are provided, and there are a number of videos to show you what other people have been able to achieve – but keep it simple to start with. Make sure you have plenty of food and water to hand before you begin.

Are you sure you’re ready for this??? OK – but I warned you. Line Rider!

Next Week: Obstacle Course with Nick Buttenshaw

Week After: Christmas Meal – organised by Ali Bradley.

Volleyball Keepy-Uppy Record: