Catch it with your bum cheeks…

Ah bless the Christmas infant!This week we were attempting some obstacle challenges – not easy when the only room available is the Multimedia room – but Nick B. did a good job of keeping us occupied and challenged. We crossed a river of lava, and managed (somehow) to get everyone over a high “electric” fence with very few injuries. The only problem came when Sarah jumped out of the way instead of catching her sister.

After the obstacles we had a quick demonstration of the Line Rider game I warned you about last week. Sorry to everyone who’s homework has been late or who has lost hours of sleep. I told you it was addictive.

We ended with an occasionally vicious game of French Cricket – a few injuries, but none serious. Also – big news – Alex nearly caught the ball at one stage!

Next week: we’re hoping to welcome back some of our University bods and we’re having a Christmas meal. Here are the instructions from Alex – if you have any questions let her know:

“basically just say that if everyone can bring some yummy foods, come with a game idea or two, can some people make sure they bring some savoury…we dont just want sweets and cakes….hehe”

In order to get you in the mood for Christmas, here’s something you thought you’d never see: me dancing!!

Finally, see if you can find the wish that I hung on the tree (hint: it’s a green one). There’s a prize for the first person to tell me what it says, word for word).

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