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All The Ducks Are Swimming In The Water…

…fal-da-ral-da-ral-da, fal-da-ral-da-ral-da.

The guest I mentioned last week didn’t arrive – so I guess we still have that to look forward to. Watch this space.

Last week we welcomed James back after a prolonged absence, and tonight (along with James) Hannah and Laura re-joined us too.

We started the evening with a bit of a catch-up on news, etc, and a chance to chat about anything and everything that came to mind. We listened to some music – and for the first time my music was a bit of a hit. I decided to play something which would be good background music – but it turned out to be exactly the opposite. We were listening to Lemon Jelly and it was fairly inconspicuous, until “Nice weather for ducks” came on. Then everyone started to pay attention. Click the previous link to watch the video which is even more bizarre than the song. The Lemon Jelly website has some excellent artwork on it. In particular I enjoyed the Mushroom Nappy Giant and I absolultely love the psychodelic style of this wallpaper. Finally on the Lemon Jelly theme, check out the video for The Shouty Track and expect to see dancing like this at the wedding.

After the chill out time (and whilst waiting for Alex to arrive) we made good use of the WECC wireless network and broadband connection by watching Sunday’s episode of Top Gear which featured the Richard Hammond Jet Car Crash.

The main part of the evening took a total change of direction as we watched another Nooma – this time entitled “012 | Matthew“.

“Suffering the loss of someone we love can be the most difficult thing in life to deal with. One moment we have them and the next they’re gone. What are we supposed to do? How are we supposed to feel? The truth is, there’s no certain way we’re ‘supposed’ to feel. Whatever we’re feeling, it’s okay. It’s okay to feel shock, anger, denial or whatever we may feel. It’s okay. And if we don’t feel anything at all, that’s okay too. It’s okay to have no answers and no explanations. Because sometimes all the reasoning and comforting words in the world just isn’t what we need. What might help us however is to understand how Jesus dealt with this kind of loss.” –

It was a difficult subject to deal with, but everyone was sensitive to each other’s situation. A number of people were upset, but as we discussed, that’s a healthy response.

Next week: Tim will be organising “Finger/Vegetable Painting” with Steph’s help, and Steph will also be leading devotions.

Advance notice: February 14th – Valentines Day – come to Amicus for a special evening of Fancy Dress Speed-Dating. Invent your own character and dress up accordingly, then be “in character” for an evening of speed-dating. See Ali for details…

Distorted Perception of Beauty…

Update in Note Form…

Extreme Uno
Table Tennis – injury to Nicci
Happy Birthday for Friday Simon!!

Dove – Campaign for real beauty

New programme available…

Update: Alyssa is now out of hospital and back at home – she still has some way to go before a full recovery but we’re thankful for the progress made so far.

Next Week: We’ll be watching and discussing another Nooma – and will start the evening with a guest coming along to speak to us.

An Undertone of Grumpiness…

This evening was set aside as a music practice to get use ready for the Parade Service on Sunday. We swapped a few songs around, and discussed the fact that the planning for the service hasn’t gone well and that I’m starting again. Please pray hard over the next two days.

Most people seemed to arrive tonight with a definite undertone of grumpiness for a number of reasons – some more justified than others.

The evening was frequently interrupted by a group of lads outside generally making a nuisance of themselves, and when they realised they were being ignored the decided to attract further attention by climbing on the roof of the Church and into the back garden before harassing the Brownies through the windows. I’m not sure they were expecting attention from white cars with flashing blue lights though ;o)

After the business of the evening we played a grumpy game of group table tennis which went down well. It was slightly grumpy, but mostly still (somehow) good-natured. There were no injuries at least – which is a bonus.

Next Week: Sarah will be organising a games evening (Extreme Uno and Jenga, etc) and Flic will be leading devotions for us. And I hope to have the new programme online by Wednesday too.

My uvula came out of my nose…

We had a better turn out than expected tonight – numbers are usually lower when we’re doing planning. We started by throwing around ideas and the next few months of the programme – and dismissing a few from the beginning. Although they haven’t been properly assigned and added to the rota, the activities for the next few months include: Speed dating in fancy dress on Valentine’s day, a games console evening (with the projector if we can find it!), trampolining, Nooma night, finger painting and vegetable printing, teddy bear’s picnic and a sports evening to name just a few.

After the planning was out of the way we made use of the new WECC network and watched a couple of classic videos online. Two were research (Mentos and Coke experiements – original and dominoes), and the other was just for fun. Keith popped into the room and wondered what on earth we were getting up to. I’m not sure I explained it very well.

During the planning I managed to collect some more excellent out-of-context quotes:

“My uvula came out of my nose.” – Alex

“I’m really good on the wee” – Steph

“Always check your underpants for stray sheep.” – Sarah

“The spider’s web nearly pulled off my top in front of the vicar!” – Alex

With the videos out of the way we tried out our Balloon Modelling skills, partly for fun, but also to see if we should do it as a full session some time. We made lots of dogs, a mouse, a sword, a giraffe, a snake, a pearl necklace, a “hat”, a lower intestine, and lots more. Sarah wasn’t allowed to play with the balloons as she was the only one who could tie them – so she spent the whole time as the servant of everyone else. We’ll definitely be doing some more balloon modelling in the future – watch out for the programme which will be updated in the next week.

News: Flic made cups of tea for the first time [ever!] – and did an excellent job. She’ll be the regular tea-lady now!

Ouch: on the way home Alex nearly trapped her penis in the door of my car. That won’t make any sense unless you were at Amicus tonight. See – if you don’t turn up you miss out!

Next week: Music Practice for the Parade Service on Sunday 21st January. Please come along if you are a musician or singer – thank you!

[If you missed last week’s update (due to the lack of an email) then please also read the entry below.]

Have a great tomorrow…

Happy New Year!

The first Amicus session of 2007 proved to be a big one with over 20 people present – and a big success. But it was always going to be a success as it was the latest instalment of the now infamous “Amicus Pub Quiz”. As ever Simon prepared an excellent quiz, ably assisted by Nicci (sporting a new look). Although a bit of competition spices things up, it didn’t get out of hand (for a change), and although one team thrashed the other (hehe) we shared the chocolatey prize.

We were pleased to be joined by most of the Uni-bods before they return later in the month, and by Tracy Rew-to-be, and Charlie Kennedy and her man, Cavey.

We ended the evening with a massive energetic and very sweaty game “with no name”. It remained good-natured – and seemed to be enjoyed by all. There was a little sulking when people were sin-binned, but nothing more than we expect.

Thanks to everyone who has been praying for Alyssa Cope. She has had a fairly good Christmas, and made some progress. She is currently on a home visit, but will be returning to hospital for a while. Please continue to pray for her and the whole family.

Next Week: Planning for the next five months. Bring your creative ideas along and have your say!

Volleyball Keepy-Uppy Record: