Have a great tomorrow…

Happy New Year!

The first Amicus session of 2007 proved to be a big one with over 20 people present – and a big success. But it was always going to be a success as it was the latest instalment of the now infamous “Amicus Pub Quiz”. As ever Simon prepared an excellent quiz, ably assisted by Nicci (sporting a new look). Although a bit of competition spices things up, it didn’t get out of hand (for a change), and although one team thrashed the other (hehe) we shared the chocolatey prize.

We were pleased to be joined by most of the Uni-bods before they return later in the month, and by Tracy Rew-to-be, and Charlie Kennedy and her man, Cavey.

We ended the evening with a massive energetic and very sweaty game “with no name”. It remained good-natured – and seemed to be enjoyed by all. There was a little sulking when people were sin-binned, but nothing more than we expect.

Thanks to everyone who has been praying for Alyssa Cope. She has had a fairly good Christmas, and made some progress. She is currently on a home visit, but will be returning to hospital for a while. Please continue to pray for her and the whole family.

Next Week: Planning for the next five months. Bring your creative ideas along and have your say!


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