My uvula came out of my nose…

We had a better turn out than expected tonight – numbers are usually lower when we’re doing planning. We started by throwing around ideas and the next few months of the programme – and dismissing a few from the beginning. Although they haven’t been properly assigned and added to the rota, the activities for the next few months include: Speed dating in fancy dress on Valentine’s day, a games console evening (with the projector if we can find it!), trampolining, Nooma night, finger painting and vegetable printing, teddy bear’s picnic and a sports evening to name just a few.

After the planning was out of the way we made use of the new WECC network and watched a couple of classic videos online. Two were research (Mentos and Coke experiements – original and dominoes), and the other was just for fun. Keith popped into the room and wondered what on earth we were getting up to. I’m not sure I explained it very well.

During the planning I managed to collect some more excellent out-of-context quotes:

“My uvula came out of my nose.” – Alex

“I’m really good on the wee” – Steph

“Always check your underpants for stray sheep.” – Sarah

“The spider’s web nearly pulled off my top in front of the vicar!” – Alex

With the videos out of the way we tried out our Balloon Modelling skills, partly for fun, but also to see if we should do it as a full session some time. We made lots of dogs, a mouse, a sword, a giraffe, a snake, a pearl necklace, a “hat”, a lower intestine, and lots more. Sarah wasn’t allowed to play with the balloons as she was the only one who could tie them – so she spent the whole time as the servant of everyone else. We’ll definitely be doing some more balloon modelling in the future – watch out for the programme which will be updated in the next week.

News: Flic made cups of tea for the first time [ever!] – and did an excellent job. She’ll be the regular tea-lady now!

Ouch: on the way home Alex nearly trapped her penis in the door of my car. That won’t make any sense unless you were at Amicus tonight. See – if you don’t turn up you miss out!

Next week: Music Practice for the Parade Service on Sunday 21st January. Please come along if you are a musician or singer – thank you!

[If you missed last week’s update (due to the lack of an email) then please also read the entry below.]


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