An Undertone of Grumpiness…

This evening was set aside as a music practice to get use ready for the Parade Service on Sunday. We swapped a few songs around, and discussed the fact that the planning for the service hasn’t gone well and that I’m starting again. Please pray hard over the next two days.

Most people seemed to arrive tonight with a definite undertone of grumpiness for a number of reasons – some more justified than others.

The evening was frequently interrupted by a group of lads outside generally making a nuisance of themselves, and when they realised they were being ignored the decided to attract further attention by climbing on the roof of the Church and into the back garden before harassing the Brownies through the windows. I’m not sure they were expecting attention from white cars with flashing blue lights though ;o)

After the business of the evening we played a grumpy game of group table tennis which went down well. It was slightly grumpy, but mostly still (somehow) good-natured. There were no injuries at least – which is a bonus.

Next Week: Sarah will be organising a games evening (Extreme Uno and Jenga, etc) and Flic will be leading devotions for us. And I hope to have the new programme online by Wednesday too.


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