Seedy Pomegranate and Technophobic Cucumber

Another good evening – thanks to Alex for her efforts. It was just a shame so few people turned up. Congratulations to James for making the most “fancy dress” effort. We started by writing up a short profile of our character for the evening before we settling into the “speed dating”.

Rev BumpkinName: Rev Bumpkin

Why you’re here: The vicarage gets very lonely and I want a companion to aid me in my work for God. I’d also like children to start a decent Church choir.

Relationship History: I have steered well clear of men as they are evil and relationships can lead to sin. I have 7 cats called Gabriel, Mary, Jesus, Matthew, Mark, Luke & John.

Chris KringleName: Chris Kringle

Why you’re here: To find a new wife (Mrs Claus)

Relationship History: One wife since theage of twenty. Broke up on 1st Jan this year. Can’t cope with all the women I watch each year.

Steph DungateName: Steph Dungate

Why you’re here: To find a boyfriend and experience being in love and to do the things couples do.

Relationship History: I have had one boyfriend at Summer Camp but it didn’t last. I had a fling with Patrick.

Phoebe BuffayName: Phoebe Buffay

Why you’re here: To find someone.

Relationship History: <full details here>

Lauren Aint-BovveredName: Lauren Ain’t-Bovvered

Why you’re here: Shut up!

Relationship History: I ain’t tellin’ you!

Trevor BoreName: Trevor Bore

Why you’re here: Because women don’t like it when I approach them in the street.

Relationship History: Single and lonely.

With such a limited number of participants we didn’t really expect to get a very good match – but we were surprised. Not only did Rev Bumpkin and Chris Kringle score each other highly, their marks for all the other participants were exactly the same. Watch this space – there may be a wedding in the Summer too! All of tonight’s pictures [slideshow] are available in the new gallery – including the pictures of the mishap with the fire!

Sarah closed the evening by leading devotions around the theme of “love” and read the start of 1 Corinthians 13, before playing an instrumental version of “Thy Word” for us to listen to. Following devotions we had a few quick games of hide-and-seek – even though Steph is scared of being alone! Afterwards we sat around chatting and drinking coffee – very civilised.

AmbienceI hope you’re enjoying the new website. Following on from the move of the site there will also be some changes to the weekly email. Everything will be much more flexible, more automatic, and will mean that others can update the site in my absence. There may be some teething troubles, but I’ll try to keep them to a minimum. I will be doing a private test of the new mail system this week, in parallel with the old manual method, then next week I hope it will all be automatic.

I’ve created a group on Flickr which you can join and add your own Amicus-related photos to the collection. You can view a map containing the pictures (ie, where the pictures were taken) and the system has the capability for discussions too. Those of you who are already Flickr members have been invited. If anyone else wishes to join us over there, just let me know.

Next Week: Teddy Bears Picnic organised by Flic, and devotions led by James


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