If you go down to the woods today…

Techie Teddy…you’re sure of possibly the most bizarre Amicus evening so far.

Tonight was our first (and possibly last?) Teddy Bear’s Picnic. Everyone was encouraged to bring along their Teddy Bear and a contribution to the picnic. The Teddy’s played a quick game of “pass the parcel” – the anticipation was high each round as Flic had regularly forgotten to include sweets at each layer. Then it was the turn of the “owners” to play the chocolate dressing up game (yeah, you know the one). Not everyone participated as a number of people had given up chocolate for Lent. We then had a teddy bear treasure hunt, before enjoying the picnic and Steph and Alex fought head to head in the music quiz. Pictures from this evening have been uploaded – head over to Flickr and take a look.

Petra brought along Miriam, a guest who had been staying with the Churchills, and I can only imagine what she thought of us and the evening. Let’s hope she doesn’t return to Germany with an image of english Youth Groups being totally mad.

James closed by reading the account of Jesus feeding the 5000. Quite appropriate given the amount of food left at the end of the evening.

A number of people mentioned the Teddy Bear’s Picnic song this evening. I’m pleased that we weren’t forced to sing it, but I did manage to find this excellent video of Uncle Alistair playing it on his yamaha. Watch out for the big finish and the nervous nose-pick at the end.

Caption Competition

Here’s a photo for the caption competition. Add your short, snappy, witty caption in the comments below:

Strange Looking thing...

We’ve swapped the programme around a little. James is unable to make it as he’s performing in his school production of “Joseph”. Good luck with it! So…

Next week: Steph will be organising Face-painting, with Flic trying to lead devotions on the same theme :o)


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