If you were a dog I’d call you patch…

Tonight was another chance to be creative and make your friends look foolish as we embarked on Face Painting. We started by reviewing some photos which we hoped would inspire our painting. The pictures are of people who have painted their hands to look like animals – and they have to be seen to be believed. We’d be lucky if we even came close to that kind of quality – but that didn’t put us off.

We were set the challenge of painting each other’s faces following the theme of animals. We stretched the point a little by including a butterfly and a fish but the three cats (tiger, lion and tabby). Once Alex arrived the make-up style changed to include gross movie injuries and subtle “Pat Butcher” tones. Pictures from tonight are now online. Warning: some of them are not suitable for the squeamish {hi Geoff}. If you’re a Flickr user you can comment on the individual photos, if you’re not you can add comments below (go on – give it a go – just to prove it works).

I almost have the new mailing list ready and it should be online next week. During this week you should receive an email from Google Groups to confirm that you’re included in the new list. Don’t panic – you shouldn’t have to do anything with it.

Quote of the night:

“If you were a dog I’d call you patch.” – Steph Dungate

Future Amicus activity: Designing and creating chairs from Champagne corks.

Random Weekly Video: Pingu goes Pop!

Get Well Soon: Andy is recovering from tonsilitis at the moment – we wish him a speedy recovery.

Next Week: Video Game Evening with James – bring along your console and games.


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