My ears won’t line up…

[ Just a quick update this week I’m afraid as I’m in the middle of my University deadlines :o$ ]

This evening was our second attempt at Balloon Modelling and this time we had more balloons and more ideas – but when we started we still only had on balloon pump and one person who could tie the balloons. However two of us managed to learn how to tie them by the end of the evening – and were feeling very smug about it too. We had some very odd and very creative models this evening. Thanks to a prompting by Petra I managed to get some pictures of the weird and delightful creations – but I don’t have time to upload them now, sorry. Watch this space…

Inspired by the strangely brown balloons this evening, here’s a story about how to get a free swim at your local pool…

In honour of the impending Easter invasion of our University friends, here’s a tip for every serious student out there…

Please keep Alyssa and family in your prayers as she was recently re-admitted to hospital for tests.

Next week: might be music practice for the Parade Service on 25th March, but probably won’t be. We are expecting to see some of our University friends back – so just come along and see what we get up to. We’ll have access to the Youth Hall from about 8 so we might be able to do some sporty activities.


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