Bahamian Rhapsody…

Tonight we were promised access to the Youth Hall from 8:00pm as the Brownies were leaving early, and they delivered. So we started in the Multimedia Room (with newly installed blinds) and played catch-up with each other, then spent some time exploring poverty and the numbers game involved. Then we moved to the coffee bar area where the girls had a civilised drink whilst the boys played Table Tennis. Then the girls joined in for a while before we decided to have a manic game of Unihoc. We were joined by Simon, Nicci and Chris who were back from Uni after completing assignments and dissertations (well done!).

“That was a really good catch – for a girl” – Simon Bradley (said of but not heard by Nicci)

At the end of the week Simon and Nicci are off to the Bahamas for a surprise party – and I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that Nicci’s Aunt isn’t a regular follower of the Amicus website. If she is, I’ve spoilt the surprise and I’m in big trouble.

Note: There is a Camp Staff Meeting on Sunday at Lovat Hall from 8:00pm for anyone who will be staff at Camp 2007.

Next week: we’ve reached the end of our programme again. Come along next week and find out what we’re up to.

Random Weekly Video: Bethlehemian Rhapsody – the story of David and Goliath told through the medium of song, specifically the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody:


2 Responses to “Bahamian Rhapsody…”

  1. 1 ANDY THE LOVEABLE ONE!!! 25 March, 2007 at 15:52

    Hmmmm, tis interesting…WOOP first comment!!! Woop! AH ‘YIKES’ twas a bit wierd but in a funny inside laughing way, hehe.

  2. 2 easyrew 25 March, 2007 at 15:56

    Wow – he’s alive! Not thinking clearly – but still alive.
    Good to hear from you Andy – hope to see you on Wednesday.

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