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Deal or No Deal?

Tonight we spent most of the evening playing Deal or No Deal. We had no red boxes, no independent adjudicator, no silly little beard, and no flowery shirts, and no banker on the end of a telephone. However we did have the same false enthusiasm, cheesy tension-building, and a game filled with ridiculous superstition and attempts to win by skill. That said, it was still good fun (although nobody told Nick).

During the course of the evening it became clear that Steph is a bit too fond of the game – in fact if you take a look at the WikiPedia entry on Deal or No Deal contains soooooo much trivia that I suspect she wrote most of it ;o)

For a game which can be quite boring most of the time (personal opinion) it has also featured some very interesting episodes:

In between rounds, whilst we were setting up for the next, we reviewed the pictures from Rewster’s Grand Day Out.  Thankfully they’re online for everyone to “enjoy”.

Next Week: Amicus will take place at Nick and Yvonne’s house and will involve time at the park and no doubt watching some TV.

Wherever two or three are gathered…

Tonight’s turnout was more than a little disappointing – just four of us. We decided not to go for a walk as planned, as the sun was going down and it was turning cold (also because we were hoping that others would still turn up). Instead we headed into the garden for a quick game of frisbee and some time larking around on the play equipment. We then came back inside for a civilised cup of tea, and then watched a few videos on YouTube. We watched a number of Catherine Tate clips and then this from the genius Lee Evans:

The Lee Evans Trio

We tried to play French Cricket with just three fielders – full expecting it to be a nightmare – and it actually went quite well. Sarah is renowned for her lack of movement when playing sports – but tonight she was moving all over the hall and her fielding improved by about 200% – well done Sarah! Keep it up…

We concluded the evening by attempting to remake the Sony Bravia ‘bouncy balls’ advert. We don’t have a team of talented video editors or the excellent soundtrack to perk up our videos but I think we did a pretty good job – see below:

Amicus Bravia 1

Amicus Bravia 2

Next Week: We’re hoping to see a few more people present – and we’ll be playing Deal or No Deal.  It will be my last Amicus evening as a single man so come along and help celebrate.

You’re going to die because you’re wearing pink…

Tonight was touted as a Music Jam session but turned out to be a bit more structured. The musicians had been practicing all afternoon ready for their duties at the upcoming wedding, and when everyone else arrived after tea we had one final practice of the songs before entering a “request time”. Everyone shouted out their favourite worship songs and the most popular were performed together. After a good jamming session we enjoyed some refreshments and fellowship before starting a game of French Cricket.

That sounds like an unremarkable evening – but it was anything but as there were nineteen people present tonight. Some weeks we’ve only had six (including three staff) so you can why it was worth noting. The other notables from this evening were quotes from Maddy and Nicci:

“I’m too short to be mistaken as a 38 year old.” – Nicci Horn

“You’re going to die because you’re wearing pink!” – Maddy Jones

“Kazakhstan” – Maddy Jones [random shout during French Cricket]

Congratulations: to Simon and Nicci who have each returned from the Bahamas to great news: Nicci has been successful in gaining a job at St. Paul’s School as a trainee teacher, and Simon has accepted a job at SEAT UK. So they just need to finish off their final year at Uni and then they’re all set – and all grown up. Congrats!

Random Video of the Week: following Matt Chapman singing a song tonight as we were preparing tea we decided to look it up on YouTube andwatch the video. After watching the video Matt Dungate decided it was a cool song and it was only Matt C’s interpretation that was dodgy. So here it is for your viewing pleasure is “Crazy Horses” by The Osmonds:

Next Week: the weather is expected to hold up, so I think we should go for a bit of a ramble. Make sure you wear some comfortable shoes and bring a light jacket just in case. It won’t be too far or too energetic – just an easy ramble.  It’s not about the walking – it’s about the company. Come along and enjoy the banter…

And for my next trick…

…I will catch the table tennis ball with my eyebrows!

We had a very civilised start to the evening with tea/coffee and Easter cakes (thanks Yvonne). With access to the Youth Hall all night we decided to pace ourselves a little and started with a great time of fellowship. Catching up with each others news and just generally chatting. After a while we decided some slightly more energetic was called for so we headed into the Hall to play Snooker, Pool and Table Tennis. Most of the evening was spent swapping round the various games. After some light refreshments, and a few more cakes, we packed up and dug in for a mad, energetic and at times slightly dangerous game of Unihoc – just like the good old days. Only one minor injury – Sarah’s finger which bled onto her shirt – but we’re fairly sure she’ll survive.

We didn’t have any specific devotional time tonight, instead we enjoyed fellowship at the start of the evening, so for those who feel they missed out here’s some theological content for you:

On Sunday in YPF we used the Coldplay song ‘Fix You’ to consider the reason for Jesus’ mission on earth. I’d encourage you to watch the following video and consider how the lyrics and pictures could be applied to the Easter story (alternatively try this similar Yahoo Video):

Don’t forget that The Passion of the Christ is being shown on TV this Easter – Channel 4 at 10pm on Easter Sunday (although it would probably have made more sense to be shown on Good Friday). Well worth watching to help you reflect on the real reason for Easter – rather than the chocolate goodness. If you successfully managed to give something up for Lent, why not have a special post-Easter binge whilst watching the film?

And in other news:

A little later than planned, but the pictures from the Balloon Modelling session a few weeks ago are now online. One of the pictures is without a proper title because I can’t remember what it was intended to be, and I can’t work it out from the picture either. If it was your creation please add a comment to explain it.

Some of us had a bit of a chat tonight about house prices; we were quite interested but others not so much. But who says that finance has to be boring? If you do, try watching this excellent representation of US House Prices from 1890 to the present day but in Roller Coaster form:

Next Week: The Second Amicus Music Jam. Musicians and singers welcome for a bit of fun and the challenge of learning some new songs which we will hopefully introduce to the Church in the coming months.

Volleyball Keepy-Uppy Record: