You’re going to die because you’re wearing pink…

Tonight was touted as a Music Jam session but turned out to be a bit more structured. The musicians had been practicing all afternoon ready for their duties at the upcoming wedding, and when everyone else arrived after tea we had one final practice of the songs before entering a “request time”. Everyone shouted out their favourite worship songs and the most popular were performed together. After a good jamming session we enjoyed some refreshments and fellowship before starting a game of French Cricket.

That sounds like an unremarkable evening – but it was anything but as there were nineteen people present tonight. Some weeks we’ve only had six (including three staff) so you can why it was worth noting. The other notables from this evening were quotes from Maddy and Nicci:

“I’m too short to be mistaken as a 38 year old.” – Nicci Horn

“You’re going to die because you’re wearing pink!” – Maddy Jones

“Kazakhstan” – Maddy Jones [random shout during French Cricket]

Congratulations: to Simon and Nicci who have each returned from the Bahamas to great news: Nicci has been successful in gaining a job at St. Paul’s School as a trainee teacher, and Simon has accepted a job at SEAT UK. So they just need to finish off their final year at Uni and then they’re all set – and all grown up. Congrats!

Random Video of the Week: following Matt Chapman singing a song tonight as we were preparing tea we decided to look it up on YouTube andwatch the video. After watching the video Matt Dungate decided it was a cool song and it was only Matt C’s interpretation that was dodgy. So here it is for your viewing pleasure is “Crazy Horses” by The Osmonds:

Next Week: the weather is expected to hold up, so I think we should go for a bit of a ramble. Make sure you wear some comfortable shoes and bring a light jacket just in case. It won’t be too far or too energetic – just an easy ramble.  It’s not about the walking – it’s about the company. Come along and enjoy the banter…


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