Wherever two or three are gathered…

Tonight’s turnout was more than a little disappointing – just four of us. We decided not to go for a walk as planned, as the sun was going down and it was turning cold (also because we were hoping that others would still turn up). Instead we headed into the garden for a quick game of frisbee and some time larking around on the play equipment. We then came back inside for a civilised cup of tea, and then watched a few videos on YouTube. We watched a number of Catherine Tate clips and then this from the genius Lee Evans:

The Lee Evans Trio

We tried to play French Cricket with just three fielders – full expecting it to be a nightmare – and it actually went quite well. Sarah is renowned for her lack of movement when playing sports – but tonight she was moving all over the hall and her fielding improved by about 200% – well done Sarah! Keep it up…

We concluded the evening by attempting to remake the Sony Bravia ‘bouncy balls’ advert. We don’t have a team of talented video editors or the excellent soundtrack to perk up our videos but I think we did a pretty good job – see below:

Amicus Bravia 1

Amicus Bravia 2

Next Week: We’re hoping to see a few more people present – and we’ll be playing Deal or No Deal.  It will be my last Amicus evening as a single man so come along and help celebrate.


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