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Something About Pirates…

Tonight it was time for Pirates and Pizza at the new Rew family home – EasyRew Towers. Tracy took care of the shopping because I’m up to my neck completing fieldwork for my course. Anyway, we had a pretty good turn-out as a number of occasional members made it. We started watching Pirates of the Caribean 2: Dead Man’s Chest with various nibbles (peanuts, nachos, dips and popcorn) and shortly into the film Tracy emerged from the kitchen with the first round of pizza, which was polished off in quick time as you might expect. A short while later and the second round of pizza arrived and was again devoured before it had a chance to cool. To finish off we brought out the Fab Lollies and Fruit Pastille Lollies – you’d think that we’d provided

If you’re a fan of Fruit Pastille Lollies – check this out!

But back to the plot. You’re probably wondering why I’ve talked more about the food than the film. The first reason: this is Amicus and our first love is food. The second reason: no-one (except me and Tracy) seemed particularly interested in the film. There were some great lines in it – but none memorable enough for me to recall now – but it was nothing special. I don’t plan to watch number 3 – how about you?

Next week: we’ll be meeting at the Church Centre as usual, and continuing out Exam Stress Busting Film Series.  Bring along your favourite DVD or just one you’d like to watch (age appropriate of course) and we’ll democratically decide which to watch.

Oooh, Geoff Capes!

This evening we started our Amicus Film Season by watching Happy Feet, an animated tale of a penguin called Mumble whose struggle for acceptance leads him into all kinds of hot water. The film went down very well with some excellent lines (see below) and themes of acceptance, community, sacrifice, environmentalism, politics, perseverance, courage, faith, truth, worship…

Random quotes from Happy Feet:

“there is a wisdom that stands above all others”

“that just ain’t pengiun”

“funky little fella”

“first you’ve got to eat a pebble”

“give praise to the great Guin!”

“man, this guy is so accidentally cool!”

“I don’t care where you come from, that has got to hurt!”

“I must retire now to my couch of perpetual indulgence”

“Let me tell something to you: this is the end of the road – you did everything penguinly possible”

We also celebrated Flic’s 15th birthday by eating her birthday cake – thanks Flic and Happy Birthday! It was a double celebration as we welcomed back a founding Amicus member, and one of our newest Amicus members, Simon and Andy. Welcome back! We ended the evening with a very energetic, competitive but good natured game of ‘pivot-ball’. Well played all round.

Cryptic NonsenseGeoff Capes vs. Jaffa Cakes

Please pray for everyone doing revision and exams over the next month: that they’ll be able to focus, manage the workload and the pressure, and that they will be able to do their best. Thanks

Next Week: Pirates and Pizza evening at Ricky & Tracy’s. We’ll be watching Pirates of the Caribbean (2): Dead Man’s Chest and eating Pizza. Sound good? See you there… If you need a lift please let us know by Tuesday lunchtime. Also, if you are coming please also let us know by Tuesday lunchtime so we can make sure we have enough pizza and beverages.

Finally, as we’ve been all penguiny tonight, I thought I’d continue the theme with an excellent episode of Pingu (especially for Lucas!):

Perseverance Is Its Own Reward

This evening was touted as being “an exciting thing, just like a party, or something” – but that was never really one the cards. Instead tonight was set aside to discuss the start of revision and exams and to decide what approach we should take to Amicus activities during the exam season. The start of the evening revealed the stress being felt already by some of our members; Steph wasn’t quite herself tonight (although she cheered up a bit when Flic arrived), Flic simply wanted to sleep on the floor, and James said he “enjoyed” his first exam (so he was clearly delusional).

During the games at the end of the evening Sarah surprised us again. She started off the game of Pool saying that she couldn’t do it, and went on to prove it by knocking the cue ball in all directions. But she stuck at it, persevered, and made a number of shots which connected with the right ball. One shot even rattled the correct ball in the pocket. She still didn’t believe she was any good – but her shots clearly showed that she had made progress. Much the same as when playing Table Tennis a couple of weeks ago.

We agreed that during the exam period we would come together at the Church Centre and watch a series of movies as it was felt that it was a good way of escaping the stress for a short time. Anyone wishing to come along for some company but still wanting to do revision is welcome to wander into the lounge to revise for a while. The first film will be Happy Feet – because Steph has bullied Sarah into buying it. Also it’s Flic’s 15th birthday next Wednesday so we’ll be having a small celebration. If you’re able to make it, please come along to celebrate with us.

For those who are facing exams in the coming weeks, be assured that we’ll be praying for you. I could write lots of meaningless comments about not letting the stress get to you, etc, but instead I’ll point you to some more useful advice about how to cope with exam stress.

Next Week: Film evening watching Happy Feet and celebrating Flic’s 15th birthday.

Million Year Old Monkey

Apologies for the short break in transmission – we did have internet access in Egypt but we reserved it for viewing pictures from the Wedding.

Tonight we had a music practice ready for the Parade Service on Sunday.  Due to the timing Chris will be leading it in my place.  Once we’d sung the songs and everyone was happy we moved into various discussions about the Wedding and Honeymoon before further discussions on wide ranging subjects from evolution to shiny legs.

We spent some time looking through the Honeymoon photos before heading into the Youth Hall for a quick game of dodgeball and a competitive game of Unihoc.
Next week: an exciting thing, just like a party, or something… [is that suitably vague?]

Volleyball Keepy-Uppy Record: