Something About Pirates…

Tonight it was time for Pirates and Pizza at the new Rew family home – EasyRew Towers. Tracy took care of the shopping because I’m up to my neck completing fieldwork for my course. Anyway, we had a pretty good turn-out as a number of occasional members made it. We started watching Pirates of the Caribean 2: Dead Man’s Chest with various nibbles (peanuts, nachos, dips and popcorn) and shortly into the film Tracy emerged from the kitchen with the first round of pizza, which was polished off in quick time as you might expect. A short while later and the second round of pizza arrived and was again devoured before it had a chance to cool. To finish off we brought out the Fab Lollies and Fruit Pastille Lollies – you’d think that we’d provided

If you’re a fan of Fruit Pastille Lollies – check this out!

But back to the plot. You’re probably wondering why I’ve talked more about the food than the film. The first reason: this is Amicus and our first love is food. The second reason: no-one (except me and Tracy) seemed particularly interested in the film. There were some great lines in it – but none memorable enough for me to recall now – but it was nothing special. I don’t plan to watch number 3 – how about you?

Next week: we’ll be meeting at the Church Centre as usual, and continuing out Exam Stress Busting Film Series.  Bring along your favourite DVD or just one you’d like to watch (age appropriate of course) and we’ll democratically decide which to watch.


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