Frog In A Kimono

After a couple of noisy rounds of voting we settled (although not unanimously) on watching ‘Spirited Away’. I can’t really describe what it was like – in fact the best I can say is that it felt like I’d taken some mind-altering substance before watching it. Instead, here’s the review of someone much more able to comment than me:

Frog In A Kimono“Mystical. Enchanting. A key to another world. There are so many ways to describe this movie. The movie focuses on a young girl who is trapped in a sort of “spirit world”. When her mother and father are turned into pigs, young Chihiro has to save her parents before they’re cooked and eaten. It may sound silly, but this tale has more to it than farm animals. When Chihiro is frightened, she runs off. When a boy finds her, he tells her that she must get a job at “The Bath House”. A sort of retreat for spirits. But to do this, she must speak with Yubaba. The witch who rules The Bathhouse. After Yubaba agrees to give Chihiro some work. She takes her name away from her. And she is then called “Sen”.” – IMDB

Did any of that make sense? No? I thought not.

Here’s a random quote from the film:

“Only love can break the spell…”

And on that subject – big news – was anyone paying attention to the “goings-on” in the darkness of the multimedia room? Care to share? Post a comment below…

Next week: we’re continuing the Amicus Exam Stress Busting Film Series by watching a selection of Aardman Classics. Keep up the good work and we’ll see you all next week.

1 Response to “Frog In A Kimono”

  1. 1 rachie 7 June, 2007 at 18:29

    OMG!!!! i saw!!

    andy and steph!!

    in the multimedia room!!

    i’m not guna say anymore!!

    but good job it was dark!!


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