Minotaur and Little Nerkin

Just a quick update this week – I’ve got another essay to write (yeah – right now!) :o(

This evening we watched “Aardman Classics” which features such classics as Pib and Pog, the hilarious Heat Electric adverts from the 80s, along with some incredibly random nonsense (worse even than ‘Spirited Away’!).

For anyone interested in Aardman trivia, there seems to be plenty of it about. Did you know that Aardman were behind the Morph character (do you even remember him)?

Random Quotes:

“You’d better put a plaster on that”

“And it goes ‘bing’ when it’s finished”

“Brilliant what they can do with technology these days.”

“Going down…”

“Guess the mis-shaped rabbit”

“It’s a fireman and he’s chasing an igloo.”

“It’s a fluffy-wuffy little bunny rabbit!!”

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last couple of weeks and haven’t heard about Simon’s ambitious sponsored summer adventure, head on over to his new website to find out all about it and show him your support by leaving a comment and sponsoring him.

Next Week: Music practice ready for Sunday 26th when Nigel is leading the service.

That’s it for this week – Bing!!

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