Graham, Fetch The Pencil Case!

Tonight it was time for a music practice in preparation for the service on Sunday. There was a mixed bag of songs, and a variety of responses to it: most of them noisy and mildly disruptive. It’s always a challenge to keep order during music practices and if anyone has suggestions for how to better manage them, then call me Gary Lineker (I’m all ears!).

As part of our devotions tonight we watched the following video and then reflected on our materialism as a society. We considered the many possessions we own, but how we still desire bigger, better and more.

Erin’s brother suffers from a chronic lack of heavily branded footwear…

We ended with a mad and over-populated game of skittle-ball – which was unintentionally vicious at times.

Next week: to mark the end of exams (for all but one of us) we’ll be doing something special to celebrate. Once I’ve got my final deadline out of the way I’ll start planning. Please add your suggestions as a comment below and I’ll take them into account.


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