Surprised By His Own Spoon

The planning for tonight went fairly well. Most people let me know in advance the food they’d like to order and brought the correct money with them. Some came along and ordered promptly – and some even brought along cake (mmmm!). The order was placed much quicker than planned – but we were warned that the wait would be from 60-90 minutes. We managed to amuse ourselves in a variety of ways. For example here’s a video of Simon who appeared to be suffering withdrawal symptoms due to the lack of a Wii this evening:

A small group headed outside to chat amongst themselves, some went off to practice some music for Camp, some just wandered off and came back again and we had no idea where they went. But gradually the time ticked on and patience wore a little thin. We had to make our own entertainment to take our minds off the lack of food:

Sarah Plate-sitting

It wasn’t long before even seeing Sarah sitting in a plate couldn’t alleviate the rumbling stomachs, and the knowledge that Maddy and I had collected money and that so far there was nothing to show for it. Then just as we were about to call and find out what had happened to our food, a little yellow van shot past the Church and then called to find out where we were. Then finally it arrived!!

Finally Food

The food was delicious and it was a shame we had to rush it in the end – but it was an enjoyable night anyway. After we’d tidied up, we ended the night by praying for Simon as he makes his final preparations for his epic expedition. Don’t forget to join us at the Church Centre this Saturday morning for a special breakfast to send him on his way. Then we followed that up by eating Laura’s divine chocolate cheesecake (which she can bring to Amicus any time she likes!).

Those of you who understand tolerate my passion for Threadless t-shirts will understand how proud I am that my wife is now Threadless Royalty and appears on their website.

Camp Information

Please note that Consent Forms must be with me by this Friday. If you are not going to see me before the weekend, please complete your form and drop it into the flat. I am currently still awaiting forms from: Matt Chapman, Tim Young, Chris Bell & Isobel O’Sullivan.

Also, the Camp Pocket Money deadline is also this Friday. If you manage to get your Advance Party Fee (£15) & Pocket Money to me by Friday night it will be processed and transferred into your Camp Bank Account – if not, you’ll have to take it with you.

Please pleasantly surprise me this year by getting both in on time – thanks!

Next week: it’s the final week of Amicus for this session as we’re taking a well-earned break over the Summer. We’ll be following in the footsteps of Ali’s earlier well-executed but poorly supported Speed Dating – more info from Nicci and Matt D by email later in the week.


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