Mostly Uncomfortable Flirting…

This evening was our last night at Amicus before we break up for the Summer. As promised, during the week Matt and Nicci had sent out instructions to everyone in preparation for tonight’s Speed Dating activity. We were to all turn up in character, wearing an appropriate costume, with props as needed, and with the whole back-story worked out. I’m pleased to say we had a good turnout and that everyone made a fantastic effort. We rotated round the group and spent 2 minutes with each person before scoring them on attire, looks, ability to hold and conversation, and personality.

Mr Barrymore Howard Orlando Owen Pierre Vince Lt. Smash Stacy Steph Stevie

After the initial round of speed dating the group was paired-off into suitable couples before a set of “compatibility exercises“. Then the organisers selected a winning couple from the selection. Thanks to Maddy for playing Stacy so well, and apologies for the uncomfortable flirting. There are a couple more pictures below and a video of one of the dating rounds. The full set of 35 pictures from the evening can be seen online. Thanks to Matt and Nicci for doing such a great job organising a fantastic evening.

The Mob In Character Wooing Stacy
Future Couple - Stacy and Between Rounds

At the end of the evening, whilst still in character, we recorded a special video message for Simon. We’ll send it to him in an effort to support and encourage him as he continues his incredible journey. We also gave him a call to find out about his progress and to wish him well for the next leg of his journey. The money is still trickling in and as I write he is just £93 away from reaching his much revised £4000 target. Let’s see if we can get him to revise his target still further! Please let all your friends and family know about his endeavour – it’s not too late to sponsor him. Also, make sure you sign up to his update emails so you don’t miss any of his news.

So that’s it for another year. It’s been challenging at times – but a fantastic blessing the rest of the time. Let’s hope next year is even better. There are some changes afoot for next session (which were briefly explained tonight) and we’re looking to organise a special pre-session get-together to fully explain and celebrate them (possibly August 29th?). Watch this space…

Meanwhile, whatever you’re doing, have a fantastic Summer and we’ll see you again when Amicus starts back on September 5th!

God bless…


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