Would You Like A Donut?

Marquee, Cookhouse & ChaplaincyTonight was the first official night back at Amicus (we had an unofficial evening earlier too) and it was mostly spent preparing a presentation about Camp for the BB Promotions evening next week. To be honest though, the group contributed some of the ideas and critiqued the plans, and Simon did most of the work. The presentation will include photos, possibly some drama (although we may lack the manpower) and talky-bits featuring real-life experiences from Camp. We ended the evening in the newly refurbished Youth Hall (looking very bright – and completed on-time and under-budget) play a not-very-serious game of French Cricket. More commitment next time please.

A round of applause to Simon who led his first Amicus session – and to Nicci to tried to hinder him every step of the way ;o)

Next week all Amicus members are to attend the BB Promotions Evening on Tuesday 11th which starts at 6:30pm at WECC. Please wear your Camp 2007 uniform (the tasteful maroon number). There will be no Amicus next Wednesday, because you all need a night to get your school work done now you’re back. Amicus will resume on Wednesday 19th September.

I leave you tonight with a video of Phil Collins as you’ve never seen him before. It almost makes the music bearable ;o)

Good night…


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