More Funner Than Ever!

Last week there was no “normal” Amicus meeting (is there ever anything normal about Amicus?), ickyas some of the group members presented a short piece about Camp 2007 at the BB Promotions evening, which we had prepared the previous week. Here’s the presentation which walked through a typical Camp day:

Programme IdeasThis week we spent more time planning – this time sorting out ideas for the coming programme and volunteering to organise and lead the activities we’d come up with. The list (click image for full details) includes a twilight walk, ice skating, poker night (including a look at the moral and theological implications), inviting a guest speaker, a joint activity at Gambardo (formerly ActivityLand) with Newport Pagnell Amicus, Rock Climbing and much more.

After the planning we set about a game of Big Taboo [a few pics here]:

The game of unspeakable fun is now bigger than ever! Put your powers of communication to test as you play The Big Taboo. It now contains four fun Taboo challenges — 15 Words, Draw It, Pose It, and regular Taboo. Test your concise, quick thinking and creativity but don’t mention the Taboo words or actions as you play.

During the game there were many moments of hilarity and a few wonderful quotes (all of which I’ve forgotten as I’ve been asleep since then). Luckily though I caught the best one on video – below [quote from 1:26]:

Although it was a good evening, it was also slightly sad as we said our goodbyes to some Amicans who are heading off to University this week. We send them on their way with our very best wishes and a plea that they keep in touch!

Back in the good old days of Amicus we had a regular Caption Competition which generated some excellent responses, and I think that we should make use of the new technology available on the website and start again. The word “competition” may be misleading as it implies there will be a prize for the best submission, but that’s not always strictly true; however you will win the admiration of your friends. So take a look at the image below, taken at the Dungate’s Birthday Tea Party on Saturday, and when you’ve decided what you think Simon is thinking, add it below:

Simon Caption

Next Week: Primary School Art with Sarah Dungate – think collages, potato printing, general messiness etc


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