Monkeys Gave Us Gingers…

…is an odd conclusion to come out of an evening which basically revolved around LEGO.

Tonight we revisited a previous activity which went down well once again. Using the massive pile of LEGO bricks collected during my early childhood, we took part in a number of simple (but fun) team challenges:

  1. Build the tallest tower possible, able to support and hold a bouncy ball unaided.
  2. Rebuild the tower even taller, without the need to support anything except itself!
  3. Build a sturdy bridge, to cross a 40cm gap and support as many hymn books as possible.
  4. Successfully describe to your team how to construct an abstract model, based on another copy.
    One nominated person could check the reference model up to ten times, then – without touching – explain to the rest of the team how to duplicate it. As you can see, there wasn’t much to choose between the two teams here.
  5. Memorise and identify which bricks have been added to a tray.
    One team member had 30 seconds to look at a tray of twenty unique bricks before it was covered up. Five more bricks were added to the tray, and the volunteer had to indentify as many of these five as possible.
  6. Build a racer to travel the furthest distance from a set ramp as possible.

After all this, and when the thousands of LEGO bricks were back in their box, we had a devotional time which looked at The Tower Of Babel. On the surface, a simple story which shows how God created all the world’s languages, but underneath an illustration of the dangers of humans getting too big for their boots, and wanting to be God-like or “make a name for themselves”. We tried to relate this idea to today’s society, where so many boundaries are being pushed scientifically that we as Christians should be wary. The following quote from Jurassic Park; The Lost World sums up our concerns.

The scientists got so caught up in whether or not they could, they forgot to stop and wonder if they should.

To be honest, it was a discussion which raised more questions that it answered, but this was to be expected. I hope that too many heads aren’t hurting tonight as we head for bed…


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