The Definition of Amicusness

Coming up with the ultimate definition of what Amicus is all about is going to be a tough task, but its certainly something we should work at, perhaps for inclusion on the second edition of the Amicus t-shirt…

Whatever we decide on, its pretty likely to involve some mention of being extremely childish – and this element of our activities was very well illustrated tonight as we celebrated Steph’s sixteenth birthday (and looked forward to Tim’s eighteenth at the weekend) with an old-school kiddies party!

Jelly And Ice Cream

That’s right – pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey, musical bumps and jelly with ice cream were all on the cards tonight. None of us had to think very much this evening, and to be frank that suited us all fine! In fact, being tired from the week so far meant that the best performances of the night came during a round of Sleeping Lions

Afterwards we ventured into the hall for our first proper game of Unihoc in quite a while. We went for over half an hour without injuries – a real accomplishment given that we were joined by Katie again. Unfortunately the game did end with a two-by-two tumble involving our new pair of leaders. Nothing broken however, and birthday cake healed the mental wounds before we headed home. As well as our addition from Newport, Sarah P joined us tonight, as she has the luxury of a two-week half term break from “big faraway school”.

Tonight saw a few notable additions to the ever-growing Amicus Quote Book, and as always they made little sense.

  • “He’s your husband; and he’s blowing bubbles…”
  • “You’re a fashionable blind…”
  • “I’ve got feet … and a skirt!”

Next Week: Brownies’ night off for half-term, so we’ll be in the youth hall all night for some energetic sporty stuff!


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