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Billy No Mates…

Lonely AmicanIt’s not the first time it’s happened – but hopefully it’ll be the last. We turned up to Amicus tonight to find just one member present and that’s how it stayed. Of course we understand that there are probably good reasons for lack of attendance – but sometimes it would be nice to hear about them before we arrive to an empty room.

After a quick chat we went home :o(

Anyway, enough whining, personally I’m looking forward to the Christmas rush when we’re joined by the Uni-bods and the rest of the part-timers crawl out of the woodwork.

We have a new project starting next week (supposed to be this week) and we’d like to see as many there as possible. It will be an ongoing project with the whole group involved from the planning to the successful execution. It should be a bit of a challenge but very rewarding. Please come along and play a part.

I’d like to dedicate the following song to Steph – our very own Macaulay Culkin:

Snotting Up Lemonade

James The PegPeggedIn spite of patristic opinion, there appears to be no Scriptural evidence for the Perichoretic relationship of the Father and the Holy Spirit… [sorry, slipped into Essay mode there for a moment]

This evening we were having something of a re-run of a previous Amicus activity – World Record evening. Tonight it mostly involved crackers, lemonade and pegs. I’ll try to explain – but fear I won’t be able to do it justice. There were literally tears of laughter & lemonade! [view all pics]

The first exercise was to eat three crackers as quickly as possible. The World Record is apparently about 33 seconds – and I think our closest attempt was 1:33. We tried a few different techniques but the only thing we achieved was making a mess on the floor. The second exercise was to drink a pint of lemonade as quickly as possible without being sick, without it coming out of your nose, etc. Simon had a good attempt but it was soon out-drunk (is that a word?) by James who managed to down his pint in about 5 seconds which has to be seen to be believed. Flic, Tim and Nicci took their time, and broke the monotony with lots of laughter, tears and other bodily substances.

The lemonade challenge soon changed into a burping challenge – naturally – but it quickly took a turn for the worse. Watch the video below for the full story:

Watch James closely after 45 seconds

The next exercise involved pegs and James’ face, Simon’s tongue and chin, and almost Nicci’s ears! We enjoyed another see-it-to-believe-it moment when James had 50 pegs on his facethe aftermath was something to see too. The final exercise involve “easy” Sudoku – which should’ve taken just over a minute. Some did better than others – but I thought Tim’s 10 minutes was very respectable.

To finish we had a rather sedate time – trying to knock the protective guard off one of the lights (for safety reasons – honest) and then we grabbed the ping-pong balls and a cup and played our own game of ‘Billy’s Balls‘. It was fun but it will be a long time before we get anywhere near the level of the video.

Carrots, Suede And Pritta Bed

Besides a few slips of pronunciation – some accidental and some just … wrong – tonight was a real surprise success, spun out from a quick little idea at the start of the term. Our theme was Take On The Takeaway, named after the BBC series of the same name. In the show, a famous chef is challenged to produce a homemade version of a family’s favourite takeaway meal, with ingredients costing no more than the real thing. It must also be prepared from scratch in the time between ordering and arriving home with the takeaway equivalent!

For our version, Flic, Sarah and Tim squared up against James, Steph and first-timer Róisín, with both teams making a dish to rival our takeaway meal. After poring over a massive pile of menus, we settled on a stir fry as the theme, giving the teams £8 to concoct a main dish and side order. After a quick trip to Asda, both teams returned with a bag full, and both under budget!

The Baskets

Flic/Sarah/Tim: chinese-style chicken breast slices, pre-chopped carrot and swede mix, fresh spaghetti, plus rocket, tomato, red pepper and cucumber for a salad. £6.79
James/Steph/Róisín: thin beef steak, egg noodles, beansprouts, mange tout, grated carrot, plus pitta bread and sweetcorn cobs for the side. £7.70

As the cooking time commenced, Simon dashed off to the Golden House to pick up Special House Chow Mein and Prawn Toasts, coming in over budget at £8.10! First blood to the teams…

When it came to tasting, everything went down well, but we were all surprised at just how much more oily the takeaway food was. Looking at the plates at the end, it was clear which dish had taken the prize – Flic, Sarah and Tim’s chicken won us over with its rich, spicy flavour. As a reward for eating so well, we all engaged in a hearty attempt to throw it all up again with a quick round of French cricket.

On a more sober note, all Amicus peeps past and present are this week thinking of and praying for our founding-leader Yvonne, who is currently sat in MK Hospital awaiting surgery on a badly broken ankle. You can speak to her yourself over the coming weeks for the full story, but for now I will remind you all that climbing a ladder for any task (including cleaning the roof of one’s camper van on a sloped driveway) is really a two person job, as illustrated by these two videos.

Get Well Soon Yvonne.

Next Week: World Record Breaking…

Get Those Creative Juices Flowing

Friends ForeverThis evening was spent painting plates, mugs and cups. Some of the more creative bods were straight into the painting and made good progress – others (me included) faffed around with ideas for half the evening before even picking up a brush.

Unfortunately, we were so busy with the painting that we didn’t take any pictures. The items are all drying for 24 hours, and will be baked in the oven sometime on Friday*. We’ll get some pictures online for next week.

Meanwhile why not take a look at the pictures from the MK fireworks and the FBI bonfire at the weekend [set 1, set 2, set 3].

Next Week: Take on the Takeaway

* Disclaimer: we cannot be held responsible for the results of the baking process on either the paint or the product.

Wonky Giraffe Drawing 101

Tonight was (as you no doubt noticed) Halloween, and the issue of whether or not we – as a Christian group – should have anything to do with it is probably even more controversial than our poker night. After a brief discussion at the end of last week’s fun, it was settled that we’d discuss just that issue during our devotional time tonight, and we set about planning some activities which dealt with darkness and light.

In my strange brain, that led to seeing what interesting fun we could have with blindfolds, in an effort to show how difficult things can be without the ability to see (aka light!). We began with blindfolded Pictionary, and took it in turns to attempt to draw an identifiable object. Every word was eventually guessed, but if we’re honest most of our efforts were pretty tragic. The trick to the game seemed to be keeping pen on paper, as once you lifted it off it was impossible to accurately find your place again. Case in point: Flic’s giraffe, complete with legs and spots (although not entirely attached).

 We followed this up with a quick game which has no exciting name I could find. The basic aim is to shuffle around (blindfolded) with a loop of rope, trying to make an exact, regular shape – eg an equilateral triangle, a square or a heptagon, depending on how many people you have. The results were – once again – pretty poor!

Jesus PumpkinMoving on to a time of devotions, we first discussed what we really knew about Halloween, and this proved to be not very much. With its origins in Pagan traditions, the general view within the group was that Halloween has been something to steer clear of, but we were introduced to a number of more productive ways of getting involved. Some churches in the USA encourage their members to give trick-or-treaters cards with information about The Light Of The World along with the usual “treats”, and others go out delivering similar packages rather than looking for sweets. We were also reminded that as Christians we cannot completely avoid the idea of the spiritual, but should rejoice in the power of the mighty Holy Spirit we have been given. We finished by hearing some of the story of Ian McCormack, who preaches about the out-of-body encounter with God he experienced after suffering potentially-fatal jellyfish stings.

After we said an early goodbye to David, we had our final activity – blind taste-testing! We had brought along a number of food items and ingredients, some obvious and some less so. Once again, without our eyes it proved a bit tougher to identify some – although I did my best to confuse matters by bringing things which were a first-time taste for most; asian pear, star fruit, pine nuts and love hearts were some of the best. During this exercise we discovered that Flic will pretty much put anything in her mouth with no fear whatsoever, which is actually quite disturbing. Check out the photos for much open-mouth imagery…

Next Week: Decorating … stuff. Bring along an old mug/plate or likewise and we’ll be getting arty and indeed farty again.

Finally, my friends, keep your minds on whatever is true, pure, right, holy, friendly, and proper. Don’t ever stop thinking about what is truly worthwhile and worthy of praise. Philipians 4:8

Volleyball Keepy-Uppy Record: