Wonky Giraffe Drawing 101

Tonight was (as you no doubt noticed) Halloween, and the issue of whether or not we – as a Christian group – should have anything to do with it is probably even more controversial than our poker night. After a brief discussion at the end of last week’s fun, it was settled that we’d discuss just that issue during our devotional time tonight, and we set about planning some activities which dealt with darkness and light.

In my strange brain, that led to seeing what interesting fun we could have with blindfolds, in an effort to show how difficult things can be without the ability to see (aka light!). We began with blindfolded Pictionary, and took it in turns to attempt to draw an identifiable object. Every word was eventually guessed, but if we’re honest most of our efforts were pretty tragic. The trick to the game seemed to be keeping pen on paper, as once you lifted it off it was impossible to accurately find your place again. Case in point: Flic’s giraffe, complete with legs and spots (although not entirely attached).

 We followed this up with a quick game which has no exciting name I could find. The basic aim is to shuffle around (blindfolded) with a loop of rope, trying to make an exact, regular shape – eg an equilateral triangle, a square or a heptagon, depending on how many people you have. The results were – once again – pretty poor!

Jesus PumpkinMoving on to a time of devotions, we first discussed what we really knew about Halloween, and this proved to be not very much. With its origins in Pagan traditions, the general view within the group was that Halloween has been something to steer clear of, but we were introduced to a number of more productive ways of getting involved. Some churches in the USA encourage their members to give trick-or-treaters cards with information about The Light Of The World along with the usual “treats”, and others go out delivering similar packages rather than looking for sweets. We were also reminded that as Christians we cannot completely avoid the idea of the spiritual, but should rejoice in the power of the mighty Holy Spirit we have been given. We finished by hearing some of the story of Ian McCormack, who preaches about the out-of-body encounter with God he experienced after suffering potentially-fatal jellyfish stings.

After we said an early goodbye to David, we had our final activity – blind taste-testing! We had brought along a number of food items and ingredients, some obvious and some less so. Once again, without our eyes it proved a bit tougher to identify some – although I did my best to confuse matters by bringing things which were a first-time taste for most; asian pear, star fruit, pine nuts and love hearts were some of the best. During this exercise we discovered that Flic will pretty much put anything in her mouth with no fear whatsoever, which is actually quite disturbing. Check out the photos for much open-mouth imagery…

Next Week: Decorating … stuff. Bring along an old mug/plate or likewise and we’ll be getting arty and indeed farty again.

Finally, my friends, keep your minds on whatever is true, pure, right, holy, friendly, and proper. Don’t ever stop thinking about what is truly worthwhile and worthy of praise. Philipians 4:8


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