Carrots, Suede And Pritta Bed

Besides a few slips of pronunciation – some accidental and some just … wrong – tonight was a real surprise success, spun out from a quick little idea at the start of the term. Our theme was Take On The Takeaway, named after the BBC series of the same name. In the show, a famous chef is challenged to produce a homemade version of a family’s favourite takeaway meal, with ingredients costing no more than the real thing. It must also be prepared from scratch in the time between ordering and arriving home with the takeaway equivalent!

For our version, Flic, Sarah and Tim squared up against James, Steph and first-timer Róisín, with both teams making a dish to rival our takeaway meal. After poring over a massive pile of menus, we settled on a stir fry as the theme, giving the teams £8 to concoct a main dish and side order. After a quick trip to Asda, both teams returned with a bag full, and both under budget!

The Baskets

Flic/Sarah/Tim: chinese-style chicken breast slices, pre-chopped carrot and swede mix, fresh spaghetti, plus rocket, tomato, red pepper and cucumber for a salad. £6.79
James/Steph/Róisín: thin beef steak, egg noodles, beansprouts, mange tout, grated carrot, plus pitta bread and sweetcorn cobs for the side. £7.70

As the cooking time commenced, Simon dashed off to the Golden House to pick up Special House Chow Mein and Prawn Toasts, coming in over budget at £8.10! First blood to the teams…

When it came to tasting, everything went down well, but we were all surprised at just how much more oily the takeaway food was. Looking at the plates at the end, it was clear which dish had taken the prize – Flic, Sarah and Tim’s chicken won us over with its rich, spicy flavour. As a reward for eating so well, we all engaged in a hearty attempt to throw it all up again with a quick round of French cricket.

On a more sober note, all Amicus peeps past and present are this week thinking of and praying for our founding-leader Yvonne, who is currently sat in MK Hospital awaiting surgery on a badly broken ankle. You can speak to her yourself over the coming weeks for the full story, but for now I will remind you all that climbing a ladder for any task (including cleaning the roof of one’s camper van on a sloped driveway) is really a two person job, as illustrated by these two videos.

Get Well Soon Yvonne.

Next Week: World Record Breaking…


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