Billy No Mates…

Lonely AmicanIt’s not the first time it’s happened – but hopefully it’ll be the last. We turned up to Amicus tonight to find just one member present and that’s how it stayed. Of course we understand that there are probably good reasons for lack of attendance – but sometimes it would be nice to hear about them before we arrive to an empty room.

After a quick chat we went home :o(

Anyway, enough whining, personally I’m looking forward to the Christmas rush when we’re joined by the Uni-bods and the rest of the part-timers crawl out of the woodwork.

We have a new project starting next week (supposed to be this week) and we’d like to see as many there as possible. It will be an ongoing project with the whole group involved from the planning to the successful execution. It should be a bit of a challenge but very rewarding. Please come along and play a part.

I’d like to dedicate the following song to Steph – our very own Macaulay Culkin:


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