The Big Taboobadoo!

Rudolph HollyWith most illness beaten we returned to a fully staffed evening – although still a little down on members :o(

But it meant that we were finally able to get started planning our new project. I won’t share too many details here just yet, but the project will take about three months of planning to complete, and should be a great deal of fun. The politically incorrect ‘brain-storming’ has been done, and we have a metric tonne of ideas, and it looks like the project has real promise.

We also spent some time this week planning a big Christmas celebration for next week when we look forward to welcoming the Uni bods back to MK. We have an exciting programme of food, drink, games, silliness and singing in store for everyone. All we ask is that you turn up at 7:30 sharp on Thursday night and bring some snacks or deserts with you – we’ll take care of the rest.

Please note that the Amicus Christmas Celebration will now take place on Thursday 20th December!

During the above mentioned planning we somehow started to amuse ourselves by attempting to create charicatures of each other. Here are our best attempts – but more can be found in the gallery.

Ricky - by Nicci Steph - by Nicci Simon - by James

Nicci - by James James - by Nicci Flic - by Nicci

Rudolph HollyTo get you all in the mood for Christmas we elfamorphosed ourselves for your enjoyment – the header image will give you a hint but if you want the full experience, turn your speakers on then click and be a little patient, but its worth the wait.

Watch out for the missle-toe!

Next Week: Christmas Celebration! [see above for details]


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