Lassie The Bush Kangeroo

Rudolph HollyWell on the surface it seemed like tonight was never supposed to happen. Firstly we had to change the night from Wednesday to Thursday because the Church was “too busy” and then it turns out that there was no-one there on Wednesday night at all. Then in Little Britain styleee the projector said ‘no!’, so we had to change plans slightly. However, we eventually got things off the ground and people started to turn up with food as planned so things couldn’t go too far wrong.

We were of course delighted to be joined by many of our Uni bods who have dashed home for Christmas to have their washing done ;o) One or two didn’t make it, and one person in particular felt they needed some “me time” and stayed at home :o( But we were pleased to also be joined by Nick L after few weeks absence due to Yvonne’s decision to work on a flying trapeze act ready for Christmas.

I took a few pictures and videos but Maddy has threatened to bite off all my fingers if they ever see the light of day (at least I think that’s what the gnashing teeth meant). She was quite insistent – and if you’d like to see just how insistent, drop me an email and I’ll show you the video.

The evening largely consisted of eating, drinking, chatting to long lost friends and catching up, playing the quiz game Buzz, and spoiling other people’s game of Buzz. Unfortunately due to another technical hitch (in Nicci’s brain) there was no Taboobadoo. To fill the void an illicit Poker den was set-up in the corner of the room with used cocktail sticks as the currency.

In devotions we spent some time reflecting on how far we’ve missed the point of Christmas with our celebrations, using the images in the slideshow below. We considered the ethos of the Advent Conspiracy movement in the US and wondered if they aren’t closer to the point. Perhaps this is an approach we can all sign up to for Christmas 2008 – and perhaps we should take the lead and encourage the whole Church too.

Amicus News

We’ve decided this year to do away with the annual subscriptions, but will be requiring every Amicus member to take part in the fundraising project we have planned for Easter time. Each member will still be required to pay the £10 membership fee, but we’re planning to raise the money we need for the rest of our expenses and build up the community of the Church Centre in the process.

We didn’t mention it at Amicus but we’d like to say a huge “happy birthday” to Nick J and hope that he gets his chores done and is able to celebrate a little ;o)

Christmas Wrap-up *

Big Bellied SantaAs a special Christmas bonus click the pixelated Santa to find out who’s been found in the dressing up box again! The waist size may be a clue.

Here’s a somewhat subversive Christmas Card which is in aid of a charity, but the line at the end adds an interesting twist which I’m sure the Uni bods would endorse wholeheartedly.

The Guardian recently reported:

The head of Britain’s equality watchdog has urged the country to ignore “politically correct” critics and put Christ at the centre of Christmas festivities. It’s time to stop being daft about Christmas. It’s fine to celebrate and it’s fine for Christ to be the star of the show.

So, Jesus, you’re the star of the show, do your thang!!

May you have a very peaceful, festive, and very Christian Christmas!
God bless…

* pun fully intended


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