Sweating Sprouts

Sprouts!Happy New Year! We trust you had an enjoyable Christmas…

What a surprise to be back at Amicus again so soon, but it was made especially worthwhile by the fact that so many of the Uni bods were still with us. With access to the Youth Hall the only possible activity for Amicus tonight was running around like mad things trying to lose some of our excess Christmas weight.

We started with a gentle game of French Cricket to ease ourselves gently back into exercise, then enjoyed a lively game of Skittle-ball which involved some innocent wrist-slapping and bum bumping, before a short break to take on some refreshments. We then returned for a frantic but good-natured game of Unihoc in which the teams proved to be incredibly well-matched, right up to the last couple of minutes. After some time out to recuperate and discuss our fundraising plans, we returned to the Hall for a game of Volleyball Keepy-uppy – one volleyball, one team and no net – just an exercise in keeping the ball off the floor using Volleyball techniques. We managed a run of 27 successful passes, which at the time seemed quite impressive, but now seems quite lame. Definitely one to try to improve on.

So in closing, here is a short summary of the evening:

  • Diagonal Dungate (reference to the angle at which he spectactularly flies)
  • Blistery Buttenshaw
  • Hearty-man-burps Horn

“ok now let’s do something which doesn’t involve Graham’s bruised butt” – Ricky

For those who missed it the first time, here’s the much discussed video of James performing his lemonade fountain trick.

Have you ever met one of those people who has too much time on their hands?

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