Painstaking [In] Progress

You’ll have to forgive a slightly empty update this time, as tonight’s activity has turned into a proper, multi-week project!

We revealed last week that we would be working on some stop-motion animation, and if you’ve ever seen footage of the making of Wallace & Gromit or Bob The Builder you’ll know it is a process which requires huge patience. We turned again to one of Amicus Bletchley’s favourite playthings, and luckily, using Lego pieces meant we didn’t have to contend with smushy bits of melting plasticine or stray thumb-prints!

We worked long and hard, prepping scenery pieces to “dress” our basic set and characters, before photographing each frame one by one, using a (temperamental) piece of software called MonkeyJam. After two hours we have shot two sequences, with a running time of about 10-15 seconds. That doesn’t sound like much yet, but good things come to those who wait.

Making Amicus The Movie [animated]

Next week we will continue to shoot “Amicus; The Movie“, and at the same time try and record some audio elements to create the sound to accompany it. Steph has already volunteered to take on the bizarre but important job of Foley Artist… It should be fun!


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