Dainty Little Freak

Cookies! Yum!After a short time catching up on each other’s news from the past week, we spent the majority of the evening making progress on the Promise Auction planning and eating way too many cookies! Yum! The Promise Auction is coming together well, with the catalogue of lots pretty much sorted (just need to bash out the details on some lots) and we’re making a start on publicity.

As ever at Amicus, the evening was punctuated with lots of strangeness. The first of which was these two videos – it’s amazing what you can find on YouTube – simply bizarre:

Obviously this week is a very romantic week – so it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t make mention of Valentine’s Day. Especially for Flic and Morgan ;o)

Be Mine...

Talking of romance, in a further strange diversion, we also watched a clip from the BBC’s excellent “Life in Cold Blood” series. The clip in question features the excellent Waving Frogs – but you’ll have to watch the video yourself to work out the tenuous connection to romance.

Next week it’s half term – yay! And in honour of this fact we’re off to Ikea on Tuesday morning for a 95p breakfast! After breakfast we’ll chill out a bit together, have a laugh, and then wander through the store and visit the marketplace. Meet us outside at 9:25 – or make contact if you need a lift and we’ll see what we can do.


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