Trouser Rippingly Good Clean Fun

Trousers!This week it felt like we had a full house, with all but one of the “usual suspects” (we missed you Flic!) and all four leaders present, and in addition we welcomed Tim (as there was no DofE), Sarah (as she’s back for half term) and Alex (who will be joining us again after Easter!). With it being half term, of course there was really only one thing to do…head into the Youth Hall for general madness and merriment!

The madness began with a complete free-for-all, with one group trying to set-up an obstacle course whilst another group used them as target practice, eventually driving the first group out of the hall altogether. Once there was a return to some order, we played the lethal swinging rope game (did someone say ‘risk assessment’?). Then we moved seamlessly into an unpredicted skipping frenzy! There were some very talented skippers present, and did I mention that Alex was with us too ;o)

After the skipping Nicci and Steph organised an obstacle course and then set two teams against each other. Then the teams were mixed up a little and then set off again. A very enjoyable activity to watch – I’m not sure about the taking part.

At the start of the evening we made rude comments about the likely effect Ali’s presence would have on our Keepy Uppy record. Well we were in for a shock. Of course it’s down to teamwork, but even with Ali present, we hit a new record. The current record was 40 volleyball style keepy uppys, and we broke it fairly quickly and hit a new high of 43. But a further surprise was in store as we did it again an reached an amazing 45! Good work all round! 50 here we come!!!

For devotions I was trying encourage everyone to make a connection between a packet of Ikea sweets and God – but it didn’t go too well as everyone was still hyper from the games and only 20% were paying attention at any one time. Instead – let me summarise over here: God is…

Caption Competition: take a look at the following picture and add your caption to the comments below. There will be a chocolate-based prize for the winner (unless it’s James, in which case we’ll negotiate a suitable alternative!).

Caption Competition

The rest of this weeks photos are of course online too.

Next Week: we’ll be starting the new Bible Study series by watching one of the animated films on which the study is based. We’re meeting at Ricky & Tracy’s at the usual time – if you need a lift get in touch as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

And Finally, a video summary of the evening:


5 Responses to “Trouser Rippingly Good Clean Fun”

  1. 1 easyrew 22 February, 2008 at 14:35

    Ali says: “does this make me look like Jesus?”

  2. 2 Lex 22 February, 2008 at 17:23

    “….And then this chick goldy-locks comes in…”

  3. 3 Tim 28 February, 2008 at 17:12

    “I don’t care what you think, its a clear match”

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