Death By Monkeys!

Woody & BuzzAs billed last week, tonight was the start of our Bible Study series based on Computer Animated Films. We gathered at the newly decorated, carpeted and ‘put back together again’ Rew Residence to watch Toy Story 2. It’s probably fair to say that the film was enjoyed by everyone present – and I’m looking forward to seeing how the Bible Study uses it to relate to scripture. The film obviously sparked of some profound thoughts in the mind, as evidenced by the following quote:

Why does he grab his own bottom?!” – Steph

Not much else to report for the evening, except biscuits really. Oh, and we made use of the DVD special features including the “which character are you” quiz (I’m Woody apparently), and thoroughly enjoyed the faked out-takes whilst marvelling at the effort which went into them considering it’s an animated movie. You can watch the out-takes below:

Don’t forget last week’s Caption Competition – the prize will be awarded next week. There are only two entries so far – so the odds are still pretty good (provided you’re funny/witty/clever/obtuse).

Next Week: meeting at the Church Centre as normal for the first Bible Study proper, and some further planning for the Promise Auction which is scarily just one month away!


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