How Many Times Does The Blue Man Heave?

This evening was spent chatting, catching up on news, randomly wandering off the subject, talking over each other, eating chocolates and drinking tea and coffee.  But mostly we spent it planning the finer details of the Promise Auction.

We’re very pleased with everyone’s generosity and now have a complete catalogue of lots (35 in total) and a number of people who have volunteered their time to help out on the evening.  The final catalogue will contain details of 30 lots, with 5 kept in reserve as surprise lots for on the night.  The 30 will include 5 extra special ‘star lots’ and there will be a number of silent bids where you write you bid on a slip of paper and the highest submission wins the lot.  It’s all starting to come together…

New Seat GinebraDuring the evening we welcomed Simon back from the Geneva Motor Show [photos here] – looking a little tired but he soon perked up.

The only other thing to report is the new Keepy-Uppy Volleyball record of 47 (you may have noticed that the current record can always be found in the column on the right).  Well done to everyone – especially Nicci and Flic who nearly sustained injuries in the process.

Next Week: Promise Auction planning – but will probably include Ikea nibbles too ;o)


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