Most Green-Fingered Hours Of Top-Notch IT Muffins

Tonight started with painful levels of squeaking and much hugging… Yep, the troops are re-appearing from Uni for the (brief) Easter break. Tonight we were joined by Matt and Nick B, and we’re expecting even greater numbers next week!

There was no time for a long catch-up tonight though, as we still have plenty of prep for the Promise Auction next weekend. Our main task this evening was to write up exciting descriptions of each lot for the printed catalogue, along with Daily Mirror-esque puns as titles. A gruelling job indeed…

We did have a chance to preview Amicus The Movie in all its glory, prior to the World Premiere during the Auction. I’m giving nothing away, but the production now has sound effects, music and credits at the end. (It still only lasts 1 minute and 7 seconds but who’s counting.)

As has been mentioned, the list of lots is complete, but we’re all pushing hard to get as many people as possible along on the night. The church is now filled with promotional material, as are several of our schools and workplaces AND the Crosslinks Centre. If you think you know somewhere we could stick a poster, please download a copy here and go for it! (Blue Tac expenses to be reimbursed at our discretion.)

So we’re all very busy, but it wouldn’t be an Amicus update without a look at the weirder side of the internet. So I leave you with a gross but brilliant desk tidy, a deeply theological look at the impossible task our God has, and an intriguing test which may have you thinking you’ve gone mad!

On a side note, I think we may have just created the most surreal update title EVER, which is really saying something.

Next week: Final headless-chicken planning activities for the Promise Auction. If we have time afterwards, perhaps we can work off some chocolate egg calories with something sporty.


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