Promise Auction Success

Promises, PromisesWow what a night!

Saturday 29th March was the day of the Promise Auction which had been organised by the Amicus group members to raise funds for the 1st Bletchley BB Company. It took three months to plan, one day for the final preparations and one evening to execute. To find out exactly what we got up to and how much we raised, read on…

The Amicus group gathered at the Church Centre at 9am on the morning of the Promise Auction with a long to-do list which included: setting up lights, sound and vision equipment, decorating the hall and dressing the tables, making the bidding cards, finalising the processes, and drinking coffee! After an enforced break for lunch we returned at about 4pm to complete the tasks and make sure everyone knew their role and what was happening. With just three hours to go the priority was putting everything in the right place and ensuring that any rubbish was cleared up, and of course rehearsing the entertainment. The refreshments arrived and were arranged in the kitchen, then we had time for a quick briefing and time to anyone wishing to bid to pre-register. Before we knew it the time was 6:40pm and our guests started arriving.

The welcome team leapt into action and made everyone feel, erm, welcome before directing them to the registration table. Once registered everyone found their seats and started to settle in before being served by the waiters. A little after 7pm, with people still arriving, we made a start. Everyone was formally welcomed and instructed as to how the evening would work, before the auctioneer for the evening was introduced and things really started to hot up.

From the start of the evening the bidding was moving at a surprising pace, and we’re pleased to say that the prices kept up with it. Each lot was presented by the auctioneer and on the screen as the bidding got under way, with most being hotly fought over. As expected, Lot 105 for Nudrat’s home-made muffins went down a storm.

The evening was divided into three auction sections and breaks between them for fellowship, “comfort” and refreshments. At the end of each break we drew everyone back together again with a number of entertainment slots introduced by Flic. The first break included Steph singing “Somewhere over the rainbow” (see the link?) with Simon accompanying her on the ukulele. The second item was the world premiere of the Amicus movie – more on that later. The final item of entertainment before we returned was James singing “Hero” with the backing of Simon, Chris and Graham.

The second part of the auction was the longest and featured 17 lots. The apetite for bidding hadn’t been quenched and a number of bidding wars broke out – but thankfully they were good-natured and smiles remained on faces throughout. A number of people who were unable to make it to the event sent donations, and others sent money and specific instructions for what to bid on, so we had a number of Amicus members working as Proxy bidders for the night. Perhaps next year we’ll also organise telephone voting and live website updates.

The second break included the option of dessert and hot drinks, which were absolutely wolfed down, even before the Amicus members could get their hands on any (a politically difficult time in the evening). But tempers were calmed with the return of the entertainment, which included another viewing of the Amicus Movie and a duet from James and Steph (accompanied by Colin Bradley) singing “All For The Best” from Godspell which received a well deserved standing ovation. Before the final section of the auction started again we revealed the already impressive running total of £492.

Part three started back and featured a variety of different lots from cakes to cards and mastermind to make-over (see catalogue for full details) and included two further surprise lots which both sold well. The final two lots were star lots and lived up to their billing with the “Jeeves and Roaster” fetching a winning bid of £40 and Amicus Brute Force (like ‘ground force’ but with much less skill) raising an amazing £80.

We closed the evening with a few well-deserved ‘thank you’s to all concerned (even the fader monkey) before one last item of entertainment, the Amicus Auction Anthem written and performed by the Amicus members and sung to the tune of ‘Hero’. Sadly we didn’t record the performance but here are the words:

Would you pay if we promised you muffins?
Would you bid if we promised you cake?
Would you pay for the ones you love?
Would you save BB tonight?

I can be your ukulele,
I could sing this song all day,
With these promises we’ve made,
We will take your breath away.

Would you like us to clean your house?
Would you prefer us to walk your dogs?
O would you like us to stop singing this song,
And end the auction tonight?

Could we have your money, maybe,
Been given much change lately,
We have nearly hit our aim,
So stick your money to Jame – s!

The last line was a reference to the final opportunity to give money. For those who hadn’t been successful in bidding for their chosen lots, we figured we needed to give them the opportunity to donate some money to the cause, and so we covered James in sticky tape and invited everyone to stick their loose change to him on the way out. It seemed a little bit cheeky, but was a popular activity and it alone raised over £70! A few more stats for you:

  • 41 registered bidders (but families shared bidding cards)
  • 41 lots (including the extra cakes)
  • Most Expensive Lot – 120 – Amicus Brute Force – raising £80
  • Least Expensive Lot – 114 – A Clean Sweep – a genuine bargain at £8
  • Most people came away with one lot, four people with 2 each and two people with five each!

Promise Auction TotalBy the end of the evening when all the lots had been auctioned, and the “James money” counted and added to the donations for desserts, we’d made a staggering £1200!!! So a huge thank you to everyone who supported our efforts in any way – you’re all stars. And we hope to see you all again for an even better event next year.

There are a few more photos below or you can view a slideshow of photos from the evening, and a few additional details.

Admin Team Prepare Welcome to the Promise Auction Good-Natured Bidding War I Can Be Your Ukulele Keep the bids coming...

Well you’ve waited patienly enough for further information about the Amicus Movie mentioned above, so here’s what you’ve been waiting for. The following movie was a complete team effort and took three weeks to plan and film (1 : 2 : 3) before Simon completed the editing and “foley“work. And here it is:

So that’s the Promise Auction over for this year – but we’re seriously considering another event for next year. If you attended the event, please leave a comment below and let us (and others) know what you thought of it. Thanks


5 Responses to “Promise Auction Success”

  1. 1 Ken Buttenshaw 4 April, 2008 at 18:33

    It was the best evening’s entertainment and enjoyment I have had in a very long time – well done to all of you in Amicus. A lot of hard work was suitably rewarded.

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