Crouching Tiger, Hidden Strike

Tim Mid ShotThis week those of use who didn’t venture out to Spring Harvest decided we’d treat ourselves and go bowling. Of course the camera was taken along too and between us we managed to capture some amazing shots:

There some pretty good video clips too:

  • Tim’s technique which inspired the title of this post
  • Sarah skillfully avoiding all the pins in one frame
  • Some nudity {appropriately edited for the squeamish}

Simon won the first game and Ricky won the second and the combined scores for the two games were:

  • Simon: 275
  • Ricky: 267
  • Tim: 246 [using own ball]
  • David: 235 [not using own ball]
  • Sarah: 213 [not using own ball]
  • James: 152 [set a new Personal Best of 93]

And finally, congratulations once again on such an outstanding job on the Promise Auction.  I’m still hearing the buzz everywhere I go.  You kept your end of the bargain (raise enough money and you won’t have to pay subs) now I’d better keep mine and get the letters out asking everyone to pay their £10 membership fee.

For your enjoyment, I’ve now uploaded the photos which Simon took during the Promise Auction preparations and which I totally forgot about.

Next Week: Sporting Frenzy at the Church Centre – come dressed for the occasion, wear sensible shoes, bring a bottle of water and a truck-load of energy.


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