Mr Bradley in the Multi-Media Room with the Banana Bread

Out Of ItFed UpOne accurate indicator of a good evening at Amicus is the look on people’s faces as the evening progressing. Take a moment to click on the pictures (right and left), have a close look at the faces and see what you think. The amazing thing is that we didn’t catch Nick looking like this – although we were stunned that he turned up at all as this week we were playing board games (or “bored games” as he likes to call them).

Unusually we started with cakes and refreshments – probably too soon after dinner, but never mind. Then we started with a leisurely game of Simpsons-themed Cluedo. Not the most exciting game, especially when interspersed with the usually weekly catch-up, but it was fun nonetheless (well, almost). If nothing else, it did at least generate the following quote:

“I would like to be Krusty!” – Sarah Dungate

After much discussion, some exasperation, lots of shouts of “come on – it’s your go!” and a number of surreal conversations, we ended the game when Sarah correctly predicted that the murderer was Marge Simpson in the Frying Dutchman with the Slingshot. Woohoo!

Hue KnewThen we moved on to a game called Hue Knew (available from Amazon UK for just £7.99) – a really dull-sounding game which actually turned out to be pretty good fun. I now wish I’d filmed some of the rounds. In simple terms:

Hue Knew? Challenges players to resist quick answers and say a colour rather than reading a word. Be the first to find the words that are printed in the correct colour, then grab the appropriately coloured pawn.

Simon won, Flick didn’t.

Then we finished with a quick game of Pass the Pigs (available from Amazon UK for just £7.45). Full details of the game and the statistical frequency of each move is available via the hive mind of Wikipedia. Thanks t the wonders of the interweb you can of course also play online. Yeah it’s a bit naff, but what do you expect for nothing?

Finally, another great quote:

“Oooh – this stuff is belchy!” – Nicci Horn

Membership Fees & Hoodies: So far I’ve only received two membership fees and two hoodie orders. Please see the email and earlier post for full information – and make sure you pay up as soon as possible or we’ll be sending the heavies round!

MK Camp: As you will be aware, the date for Camp deposits is long past. If you are still wanting to go but haven’t paid your deposit (because you’re at Uni) please make sure we know you’re intending to join us.

Next Week: No formal plans – just a chill out at the Church Centre. If the weather holds up we can go for a wander and hang out with the Chavs at the park or stay in the garden for safety reasons ;o)


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