So Proud Of His Brown…

This week’s update is brought to you by the letter ‘8’ and the number ‘F’…

Billed as nothing more than a chill-out evening with a possible walk, it turned out to be neither really. We were joined by Matt who has now completed his degree and is back home to sponge off his parents for a while see the family, and once again by Yolanda who we now officially welcome to the email list.

We started the evening with a mad, almost ferocious, time of catching up. We heard all about Alex’s trip to Alton Towers with a deaf friend, Steph and Yolanda’s “last” day at school, whilst Nick and Simon talked about the colour of cars {yawn}. We also heard about Matt’s economic plan for the next few months, but we can’t share that here in case his parents are reading this. The volume level was dangerously high at some points, but punctuated with laughter too.

Then we settled into a gentle game of Hue Knew which many of us were introduced to last week. Simon proved victorious (again) and Nicci a close second (how that must’ve hurt) followed by Yolanda and Steph. Then we “stole” the projector and connected up the PlayStation for a team game of Buzz. Alex and Nicci made refreshments for everyone – big thank you!! And Simon provided some of his “brown” which was moist and sticky, and perhaps even a little too sweet. The game of Buzz was a close contest and hard fought, which is a bit over the top to be honest with you ;o)

We ended with a few rounds of French Cricket which proved to be a little dangerous at times – must check the insurance ;o) As a result of the lack of accidents tonight and the fact that we didn’t attempt to break our Volleyball Keepy Uppy record, sadly we didn’t make the news. But take a look at this excellent video and see what it would be like if there was no news on the BBC’s 24 hour News channel.

Finally, it’s great to see that James has recently joined the elite group of people on Facebook. If you haven’t signed up yet, please do. If you have no idea what it’s about, take a look at the following video to get an idea:

If the video hasn’t put you off, once you’ve signed up you can join the Amicus Group.

Warning: the following are whingey but important updates – please read them, but even more importantly, act on them! Thanks…

Membership Fees & Hoodies: So far I’ve only received three membership fees and two hoodie orders. Please see the email and earlier post for full information – and make sure you pay up as soon as possible or we’ll be sending the heavies round!

MK Camp: As you will be aware, the date for Camp deposits is long past. If you are still wanting to go but haven’t paid your deposit (because you’re at Uni) please make sure we know you’re intending to join us. The Camp Working Group need to finalise the numbers in order to arrange transport, jobs, insurance, polo shirts, etc.

Whinge Over: It’s safe to proceed…

Parade Service: Don’t forget that it is a Parade Service this Sunday. Meet at the Church at 10:45.

Next Week: Add your suggestions in the comments below for what we should get up to next Wednesday.


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