Unexpected Vibrations…

With a title like that we’re going to get all manner of visitors with unusual search terms.  On that subject, here are some of the weirdest search terms which have directed people here:

  • lemon jelly
  • homer simpson crotch shot
  • psychodelic mushroom wallpaper
  • dungate etymology
  • bum cheeks
  • french ferris strike 2008
  • jelly bear

Anyway, enough of that, what did we get up to this week.  Well we were definitely thin on the ground this week with only three members present.  Partly due to illness which can’t be helped, partly due to exams and revision which is totally understandable, and partly due to ‘I’m not going if they’re not going’ which is always disappointing.  But we didn’t let it get us down.  Instead we turned to the projector and the PlayStation to save us from despair and spent most of the evening playing Gran Turismo 4.

We had a load of fun selecting the most inappropriate cars for the most difficult tracks, and trying to run each other off the road.  Sounds dull, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.  We ended the evening with a tag-team endurance race where the lead changed about twice each lap, right until Ricky pulled into the pit lane by mistake – D’oh!

Warning: the following are whingey but important updates – please act on them!

Membership Fees & Hoodies: So far I’ve only received three membership fees and two hoodie orders. Please see the email and earlier post for full information – and make sure you pay up as soon as possible or we’ll be sending the heavies round!

MK Camp: As you will be aware, the date for Camp deposits is long past. If you are still wanting to go but haven’t paid your deposit (because you’re at Uni) please make sure we know you’re intending to join us. The Camp Working Group need to finalise the numbers in order to arrange transport, jobs, insurance, polo shirts, etc.

Whinge Over: but act now, or miss out big time…

Next Week: As it’s half term please come ready for an evening or active activityness in the Youth Hall…

If anyone can be bothered to make it to an Ikea breakfast some time next week, please get in touch.


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