God is a DJ…

A real good shiner...Because this week is half-term (for most) we had access to the Youth Hall and once again decided to make most of it by spending the evening thrashing around like mad things.  We started slowly with a rather lack lustre game of French cricket – but due to the lustre being lacking we thankfully didn’t experience any lasting injuries.  Then the evening progressed, along with the likelihood of injuries, and enjoyed a game of Skittle Ball.  A number of scratches and clashes later and we had a well deserved break.  During the break, seemingly randomly, we got into an interesting philosophical and ethical discussion of the rights and wrongs of abortion and “saviour siblings” – definitely one to return to at a later date.

In no way connected to anything above, but the following quotes were harvested this evening, both spoken by the same person and directed at the same person:

“do you mind, you’re in my private area”

“you sweat in some strange places”

Neck and Facial InjuriesOnce we’d recovered from the physical exertion of skittle ball, and the shock of an interesting philosophical and ethical discussion, we returned to the Youth Hall for a game of Unihoc which turned out to further increase the likelihood of accident and injury.  After a number of shoulder-barges, raised sticks, slaps, bangs, collisions and almost tears, we called it a day.  Nobody died but there were a few broken nails.

During the final break we watched the following video entitled “God is a DJ“:

The video was followed by an excellent discussion about free-will and predestination, the degree to which God interferes in our lives, the possibility of God giving up on people, and the place and impact of prayer in the video and in our lives.  Please grab a cup of your favoured beverage and take 7 minutes to watch the video and see how it challenges your ideas of God.

Finally, just to help you waste make the most of the last moments of half-term here are a video and some random links for your enjoyment.

Next Week: Simon will be leading us in part three of our Bible Study series {see prequel, part one, part two} – please bring your Bible.


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